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There are 99 names of Allah in the Qur’an and these names appear before Surah Fatiha in every holy volume of the Qur’an. Which are recorded in the Qur’an before Surah Fatiha for the convenience of Muslims. In the 99 attributes of Allah, there is a solution to every problem of every Muslim. Each name of Allah has infinite spiritual blessings. It should be remembered that when Allah is called by His attributes, it is a Dua. And 99 names of Allah have been recited since ancient times to get blessings of Dua. In this post, we will tell you how to get rid of the enemy and get protection with the blessing of the 99 names of Allah.
It should be remembered that the 99 names of Allah are the sum of all the spiritual powers and one of these names is the Isme Azam. And nothing in the world is impossible for the person who gets the Isme Azam. Sometimes it seems impossible for the individual to get rid of the enemy, Apart from this, some people also suffer from severe fear due to their weak enemy, because weak enemies always oppress the lives of innocent people by resorting to black magic. But with the blessing of 99 names of Allah, we can stay safe from the enemy and punish the enemy. So if any brother or sister is afraid because of the enemy, then in this post there is a way to get rid of the enemy, fear, and every problem, so read this post till the end.

99 Names Of Allah To Destroy Enemy

99 Names Of Allah

Sometimes it is not possible to get rid of an enemy, so in such a case, only by destroying the enemy can you get rid of him. But remember that spiritual actions to destroy the enemy should be done only when you have no way to get rid of the enemy. Therefore, if you are right, in such a case, to get rid of the enemy and to punish him, reciting the 99 Names of Allah is best.
For this purpose, recite Durood 9 times after Isha prayer on Tuesday.
In the middle, recite each of the 99 names of Allah 9 times.
At the end, read Durood Sharif 9 times again.
Continue this spiritual process for 7 days.
After 7 days, feed the birds as much as you can.
Insha Allah, soon your enemy will start facing such losses due to which he will give up his intention to harm you. Apart from this, with the blessings of the mentioned spiritual process, your enemy can also get irreparable damage. You will get the 99 Name of Allah in the Quran before Surah Fatiha, in addition to this, we have also listed these names above.
The second most simple and powerful spiritual process to get rid of the enemy and destroy the enemy is the divine Amulet. Therefore, you should keep the divine amulet in your house and keep it with you. With the blessing of the Divine Amulet, you will soon get rid of your enemy forever. Apart from this, with time, deep fear of you will arise in the heart of every enemy, due to which the enemy will not be able to think of harming you. Apart from this, you will always be safe from black magic, evil eye, and jinn. Remember that the Divine Amulet is the best spiritual protection for your life, children, home, and business. Divine Amulet is needed by every person.

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