Islamic remedies for black magic?
Black magic is a demonic power that can cause serious harm to any person at any place at any time. The effects of black magic are spread everywhere, so whoever comes under the influence of black magic may lose his life, wealth, children, and honor. Islam has given only one remedy for protection and deliverance from black magic, that remedy is the refuge of Allah. That is, if a Muslim seeks refuge with Allah, then he gets rid of magic, jinn, and all kinds of devil. And he is always protected from black magic. There are many supplications to seek refuge in Allah in the blessed Hadith, In which there is a Quranic prayer Surah Nas. Therefore, if a brother or sister writes Surah Nas with saffron and keeps it in his house, then he gets rid of black magic at that time. Surah Nas is an ancient and great remedy for getting rid of black magic and protection. If you are troubled by black magic then you can seek spiritual guidance from our team.

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