there are numerous symptoms of black magic, and 10 of them are important. if 5 of these 10 symptoms are present in your body and mind, then you may be suffering from black magic. following are the black magic signs.

10 Black Magic Signs

due to black magic, you can see lizards, rats, cats, monkeys, or fish in a dream and if this dream is seen more than once, the black magic will destroy you by creating temptations and accidents.
due to black magic, you will start the illusion.
you can suffer from someone’s intense love because of black magic.
and most people fall in love because of black magic.
if you are attracted to someone for no reason, then it is possible that you are suffering from black magic.
the main sign of black magic is that you will often see your dead relative in a dream.
if a dead relative is asking you for something in a dream, then this is an indication of severe witchcraft.
you will feel that where someone is, there will be no one.
due to black magic, you may often see meat in your dreams.
which is an indication of incurable disease due to black magic
due to black magic, you often get an omen about the loss or death of someone.
which is just to mislead.
and you can find such signs of death about yourself.
you will become mentally and physically weak due to black magic
and often your arm may have pain.
when black magic becomes intense, then the patient hears sounds that are not there in reality.
due to black magic, you may suffer from headaches, unnecessary worry, lack of sleep, and anxiety.
black magic brings bad luck in your life due to which you fail in every field of life despite hard work and effort.
relationships and marriages can break due to black magic.
black magic turns the love of husband and wife into hatred, due to which the husband and wife often get divorced.
everyone will oppose you because of black magic
people may doubt you because of black magic.
due to black magic, you can face notoriety in society and family.
due to black magic, your business and job can be damaged.
black magic can cause an accident.
women can lose pregnancy due to black magic.
due to black magic, you may get a fear disease.
there are many types of black magic and each type of magic can cause you different damage.

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