In this post, we will tell you the spiritual blessings of reciting Dua Nade Ali in the month of Muharram, Muharram is the month of grief and Imam Hussain was martyred in this month.
Therefore, in Muharram, Muslims do not do any happy work, but in this month, Muslims feel the grief of Hazrat Hussain and try to spend the entire month in worship. In Muharram, Muslims recite numerous duas, and in such duas, Nade ali Dua is important. Therefore, most of the Muslims recite Dua Nade Ali during Muharram.
Dua Nade Ali was revealed during the Khyber conquest, there is no hadith about this Dua.
But if the meaning of this prayer is considered, then this prayer is in accordance with the faith of Sunni and Shia Muslims.
Therefore, people have been reciting Dua Nade Ali since ancient times, and even today countless people in the world recite Nade Ali.
In this post, you are told about the method of reciting Naade Ali Dua in Muharram and the spiritual blessings of this Dua.

Dua Nade Ali Wazifa in Muharram

dua nade ali

Nade Ali Dua Is listed above in Arabic. To get the spiritual blessings of Nade Ali, you should first read Durood Sharif 14 times after the Isha prayer on the Muharram.
After that, you recite Nade Ali Dua 170 times.
At the end, recite Darood Sharif 10 times again and close this wazifa.
Do this wazifa for at least 3 days in Muharram.
This wazifa can start on any day in Muharram,
But try to start this wazifa before 7 Muharram
also, you should try to continue this wazifa on as many days of Muharram as possible
InshAllah by doing this wazifa of Muharram, all your difficulties will be eased.

Dua Nade Ali Benefits

By reciting Nade Ali Dua during Muharram, a Muslim can get the following spiritual blessings.

  • With the blessing of Nade Ali, the childless sir becomes a child.
  • With the blessing of Dua Nade Ali, the Muslim gets rid of the enemy.
  • With the blessing of Nade Ali, the person gets relief from problems and trouble.
  • Dua Nade Ali is the best spiritual treatment for all diseases
  • Jinns are afraid of Dua Nade Ali
  • With the blessing of Dua Nade Ali, the person gets instantly cured from black magic and the evil eye
  • With the blessing of Nade Ali, the sustenance of the individual becomes blessed.
  • With the blessing of Dua Nade Ali, a person gets rid of debt.
  • With the blessing of Dua Nade Ali, family and children are safe from accidents.
  • With the blessing of Dua Nade Ali, the fortune of a person becomes good.
  • Dua Nade Ali has numerous spiritual blessings, but according to Raza Bhai, do not recite Dua Nade Ali in Muharram with the intention of benefit, but recite Nade Ali in the grief of Husaain.
    By doing this, a Muslim will receive numerous blessings throughout his life.