“blowe after reciting the Surah” is considered to be the most ancient and effective for quick relief from any disease, the evil eye, and black magic. Due to the “blowe after reciting the Surah”, all kinds of evil effects are removed from the patient’s body and soon the patient gets relief from the effects of a disease, evil eye, black magic, and jinn. The spiritual effects of “blowe after reciting the Surah” are immediately apparent. Amna Behan Is an expert on the mentioned spiritual process called “blowe after reciting the Surah”.
“blowe after reciting the Surah” is done through WhatsApp and during this, a special Dua is also recited for the patient, and a special spiritual ritual is also performed due to which the patient feels immediate relief.
Sister Amina has recited Surah Nas 125,000 times due to which the spiritual process has an immediate effect.
For “blowe after reciting the Surah”, you should perform ablution and contact Amna sister on WhatsApp.
After that, you should write the word م in Arabic with your index finger at the place of the pulse on your left arm.
When you write the word م on your left arm with your index finger at the place of pulse, then tell Amina sister through a WhatsApp message.
Meanwhile, Amina sister will recite a special Dua and tell you through a WhatsApp message. So, when you get a message from Amina sister, blow 3 times on the pulse point on your left arm where you wrote the word م.
You have to do the described process for 3 days, Insha Allah, in 3 days you will get rid of the disease, black magic, and all kinds of evil effects.
It should be remembered that for the healing of a patient, reciting the verses of the Qur’an and blowing on them is proved by the hadith.
This is done through WhatsApp because not everyone can come to us.