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Can black magic make you sick?
There is no scientific evidence to support whether or not black magic can cause illness in a person.
However, according to religions and ancient civilizations, black magic can make a person sick and can also cause loss of life and money.
When a person is sick and he does not know the cause of his illness, nor is this person cured of his illness, the cause of such illness can be black magic.
It should be remembered that if the cause of a person’s illness is black magic, he will not be cured until he takes spiritual treatment to cure the black magic.
The question is how to know whether the cause of the disease is black magic or something else.
We can know the cause of the disease only on the basis of two symptoms.
The first signs are that you are not healing from the disease,
And the second sign is that your thinking will tell you that black magic is nonsense.
If you have the mentioned two symptoms then you need to take steps to cure black magic.
Therefore, for the correct treatment of black magic, keep the protective amulet around your neck and keep it with you.
Insha Allah, soon you will be cured of black magic and the disease caused by it. The link is given below for the full details of the Protection Amulet.

Remedy for Black Magic 

The correct spiritual treatment of Black Magic is the Islamic Protection Amulet. Islamic Amu let of protection is written with special verses of the Quran which is the most powerful treatment and protection against black magic. You can get Protection Amulet by paying us $25 Donate and for this purpose, you can contact us on WhatsApp.

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