Can black magic really harm ?
Black magic was recognized even before the emergence of Islam and even after the emergence of Islam, black magic Is considered a threat to humanity. From ancient times to the present day, Observations have come out about black magic. According to him, black magic not only harms a person, but the person who is affected by black magic, even if he does not want it, affects others.
That is, black magic is transmitted from one person to another like tuberculosis.
Apparently, this is irrational but it is true.
Now the question arises that what kind of harm can a person suffer due to black magic.
So the answer is that black magic can cause any kind of harm to any person.
Black magic usually causes incurable disease, depression, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, diabetes, fear, accident, failure, business loss, breakup of relationships, divorce, doubt, and disgrace.
Apart from this, loss of pregnancy can be due to black magic.
Therefore, if a person has been a victim of black magic, he should keep a protective amulet in his house and keep it with him.
Due to protection amulet, the effects of black magic will disappear from your body and home and you will be safe from black magic in the future life.
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