Can black magic spread through bodies to another person ? In this post, we will tell you when, how, and why black magic affects a person and causes their destruction. Apart from this, this post also tells you how black magic is transferred from one person to another. Read this post till the end to know the amazing and mysterious reality of black magic.

Amazing Thing About Black Magic

It should be remembered that there are clear instructions in the Qur’an and Hadith about black magic. Therefore, denying the existence of black magic means denying the verses of the Qur’an and the blessed hadith, But despite this, the intellect of some people does not recognize black magic. The denial of black magic is the denial of the verses of the Quran, and the denial of the verses of the Quran is the goal of Satan, while black magic is a satanic ritual.
To understand the reality of black magic, it is necessary to understand the reality of evil power. The world we are living in is not our permanent residence. Our permanent abode is heaven or hell, so whether we will go to heaven or hell, is decided by us while living in this world.
That is, if we perform good deeds, we will be able to live in heaven, while due to bad deeds, our permanent residence will be in hell. For this reason, it is stated in the blessed hadith that this world is the cultivation of the hereafter. We have come into this world with a special purpose and that special purpose is the judgment of Allah based on our actions. It means that this world is not our real and permanent residence. We have been sent here so that we can be put in Jannah or Jannah based on our good and bad deeds.
According to the blessed hadith, demons and jinn lived in this world before humans, so the jinn and devils were removed from the earth and humans were settled here. Since Iblis did not like the settlement of humans on earth, he denied the order of Allah and declared enmity with humans. Therefore, due to Satan’s enmity with man, a demonic power was born which is called evil. Therefore, since the beginning, evil has spread everywhere in our universe, the aim of which is the destruction of man. Evil power is spread everywhere like severe winter weather and everyone is affected by it at all times and in all situations. So just like we cover a blanket to avoid cold. Similarly, Islam has ordered certain acts of worship to avoid evil.
It should be remembered that evil is an evil power that has many components and its main components are evil eye, black magic, and evil whispers. Black magic is a component of evil through which evil destroys the mental and physical life and needs of any human being. Therefore evil chooses certain people in the world and gives them the power of black magic so that they can achieve their desires through black magic. So when black magic is effected on a particular person, it makes the spell caster achieve his goal, But a certain kind of negativity enters into the person who is cast with black magic,After that, the black magic affects the person with whom the affected person meets. In a family, if one person is a victim of black magic, then all the members of the family may suffer from black magic in different ways. All the members of the family start facing different types of losses due to black magic.
Similarly, when these members of the family meet with the members of another family, problems arise with the members of the other family as well. Therefore, in such a case, only those people are safe from black magic who always perform prayers, charity, and good deeds. Otherwise, black magic spreads like an epidemic in families. Sometimes the evil eye and black magic do not show any symptoms on the person, that’s why some people have called black magic a silent killer like blood pressure.
In the blessed hadith, the evil eye is also considered as the cause of death. While black magic and the evil eye cause the same damage. It should be remembered that people all over the world are suffering from one or another problem, so the reason for most people’s problems is the evil eye and black magic.
It is our observation that very few people do black magic on someone by making them a target. Black magic is easily transferred from one person to another. Due to this it spreads very quickly in families and becomes the cause of enmity, bloodshed, hatred, illness, and divorce.


We have explained to you that most of the black magic effects people get from each other, And with time these effects become terrible and bring trouble in the life of the individual. Misunderstanding and doubt is an important sign of black magic, but it is not necessary for someone to target you and cast black magic on you. Rather, it is important that you treat black magic correctly, and the correct treatment for black magic is in Ayatul Kursi. Ayatul Kursi is the greatest verse of the Quran which is in Para 3. Therefore, to get rid of and protect yourself from black magic, it is important that you read Ayatul Kursi once after every prayer.

ayatul kursi in arabic

Remede for Getting Rid Of Black Magic

The second most powerful and simple spiritual practice for protection and deliverance from black magic is the divine amulet. With the blessings of the Divine Amulet, the life, property, honor, children, health, and business of an individual are always protected from black magic, evil eyes, Satan, and all kinds of enemies.
Therefore, the divine amulet is needed in every home. If a person has been a victim of black magic, then he should wear a divine amulet around his neck, Insha Allah, he will be cured of black magic in 3 days. 

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