Can black magic spread through bodies to another person ?
There are very few people who target someone and perform black magic on him. But despite this, humans are the most affected by the evil effects of black magic. The reason for this is that black magic enters from one person’s body to another person’s body like a virus, and its effects are also like a virus. That is, black magic is never easily removed from a person’s body.
Rather, sometimes it happens that when a member of the family is affected by black magic, all the members of the family become victims of black magic more or less. Remember that many people around us are victims of black magic, but we do not know who is the victim of black magic. So we are affected by black magic from all sides.
But we are unaware.
We come to know about black magic when black magic gets embedded in our bodies.
Black magic can seriously damage the life, children, honor, home and health of any person, so everyone needs protection from black magic.
A protection amulet is considered best for protection from black magic,
Therefore, every person should keep a Protection Amulet in his house and should keep it with him. Because the protection amulet always protects you from black magic, evil spirits, jinn, and enemies. The link is given below for the complete details of the protection amulet.

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