In this post, we will explain to you whether black causes mental health problems or not.
Medical science does not recognize black magic, so medical science denies the harm caused by black magic.
While Islam and other religions believe in black magic and its effects.
It should be remembered that Quran is a final knowledge and it cannot be changed.
While scientific theories change in every age.
If medical science does not recognize black magic, it does not mean that black magic does not exist.
We don’t recognize the reality of black magic until we are victims of black magic ourselves.
Black magic disrupts the mental state of a person, due to which a person does such things that lead to his destruction.
No one harms himself, and if one does so, his mind is disturbed.
And this disturbance is actually black magic.
We all know that when a patient is hypnotized, that person’s mind is under the control of the hypnotist who hypnotized him.
So the patient will do whatever the psychiatrist tells him.
Similarly, some people control the mind of a person through black magic,
Due to this, a disturbance occurs in the mind of a person, and due to this disturbance, the patient does what is black magic programming.
Therefore, making wrong decisions in life, taking drugs, falling in love, beating someone, and harming yourself are all due to mental disorders and 60% of mental disorders are due to black magic and evil eyes.
Therefore, it is important for every Muslim to keep the amulet of safety in his house and keep it with him to be safe from black magic, negativity, jinn, and devils.
The effects of black magic and evil eyes will disappear from your body and mind due to the protection amulet.
and soon you will be cured by black magic . Apart from this, you will always be safe from black magic.

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