In this post, you have been told how to get rid of and protect yourself from black magic with the blessing of Ayatul Kursi. In addition, this post has also told you how a person is affected by black magic. Remember that black magic can deprive you of every happiness in life.
So if you have been affected by black magic, it will attack you again and again in your life.
Therefore, every Muslim should know about the reality of black magic and its correct treatment, which you will get in this post.

How Does Black Magic Affect a Person?

Black magic is not recognized by the human intellect, but nevertheless, it exists and has the power to affect human life badly. Black magic can be transferred from one person to another person, besides black magic can also be transferred from parents to their children. Out of 100 black magic patients, 10 patients are those who are targeted by black magic so that they are destroyed, whereas the purpose of black magic is to destroy.
Wrong and un-Islamic treatment of black magic can bring storms of problems in your life.
It should be remembered that black magic is a spiritual disease and the spiritual diseases that man has understood have been given the name of mental illness, while the spiritual diseases that man is unable to understand have stopped believing in them.
It should be remembered that black magic is mentioned in the Quran and Hadith, so whether a person’s intellect recognizes black magic or not, it exists and because of it, a person has to face terrible losses.
The effects of black magic are everywhere like the wind and any person can easily be affected by black magic at any time.
Those who escape from black magic and the evil eye are always protected from countless diseases and troubles,
and for this purpose, there is an order in the hadith to read Surah Falaq, Surah Nas, and Ayatul Kursi.

Ayat ul Kursi for Remove Black Magic

ayatul kursi for black magic

Ayatul Kursi has been recited since ancient times to destroy black magic and according to hadith Ayatul Kursi is the best dua for protection.
Therefore, if you have been a victim of black magic, then after the Fajr prayer, recite Ayatul Kursi 70 times blow in the water, and drink this water.
Doing this process for 14 days will remove the effects of black magic from your body.
Apart from this, to protect yourself from black magic, you should make a habit of reciting Ayatul Kursi once after every prayer, Inshaallah, you will be protected from black magic all your life.
If you do not get the benefit in 14 days due to the mentioned spiritual process, it means that black magic has been present in your body for a long time ago, which will not go away easily.
In such case, You should keep the divine amulet in your house and also keep it with you.
Insha Allah, soon you will get rid of black magic forever and you will always be safe from black magic.

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