With the blessings of Ayat e Karima , lost love can be back in 7 days. Ayat e Karima is considered to be the most powerful in terms of getting love, but most people do not get their love by doing Wazifa of Ayat e Karima. So in this post we are going to point out the mistakes that will keep you from getting your love back, apart from this, in this post, you will get Wazifa of Ayat e Karima , with the blessing of which you will be able to get your love back in 7 days. Remember that in 25 years I have seen countless boys and girls destroy their lives in love. But I have also seen some people who were successful in love. Therefore, the secret of success in love is in Ayat e Karima , but through Ayat e Karima you will get spiritual help only if your love is in accordance with the injunctions of Islam. Otherwise you will not be able to get your love even for 100 years and you know it.

Ayat e Karima for Love Back

ayat-e--karima for love back

Now we tell you the ancient wazifa of Ayat e Karima, with the blessing of which you will be able to get your love soon. Remember that love is a part of human nature, no one can escape it, but Islam has told us the right way to love. Therefore, those who love by neglecting the orders of Islam are sinners and spirituality never helps such a person who wants to fulfill his desires outside of the orders of Islam. On the internet you will find thousands of Duas and wazifas to get love, but through these Duas not a single person succeeds in getting his love, this is because our love is not according to the orders of Islam. So whenever any of our desires are against the injunctions of Islam, we will not be able to get spiritual help, even if we continue to pray for 100 years and this is true.
If you feel that your love is legitimate, then doing the Wazifa of Ayat e Karima for this purpose is your success.
After the Isha prayer, recite Durood Sharif 70 times to make the wazifa of Ayat e Karima.
After that you should recite Ayat e Karima 700 times and while reciting it keep the person whose love you want to get in your mind.
You should continue this wazifa for 7 days.
After 7 days you should make a habit of reciting Durood Sharif 70 times and Ayat e Karima 70 times daily.
Inshallah after 7 days you will get your love.
It should be remembered that some people get their love after 7 days and some people get their love after a month after doing wazifa of ayat e karima.
But if you don’t get any benefit despite doing the Wazifa of Ayat e Karima , then in such a situation you should use the divine amulet.

Divine Amulet for Love Back

amulet for love back

Another successful and ancient spiritual process to get your love back is the Divine Amulet. Divine Amulet has the power to transform hatred into love. Sometimes due to misunderstanding, two lovers drift away from each other. In such a case, with the blessing of the divine amulet, the person’s misunderstanding is removed and the person regains his love. Sometimes one’s love is turned into hatred by means of black magic, but the divine amulet quickly eliminates the effects of black magic and creates eternal love in the heart of the person. So if you want to get your love soon then the secret is the divine amulet.

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