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The best dua for a daughter’s quick marriage is “Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel” “Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel” is the dua of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and in this dua, there is an immediate spiritual solution to every problem of every individual. It should be remembered that every person in the world suffers from some kind of problem, so the biggest problem for parents is the delay in their daughter’s marriage. Often parents suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease due to not marrying their daughter early. Remember that the daughter who does not get married soon, people in her family start thinking strange things about her daughter. Therefore, the parents are aware of such strange things and because of this, with time, the anxiety of the parents increases. It should be remembered that there can be many reasons for the daughter’s marriage not to be done soon and we have listed some of these reasons below.

7 Reasons for the Daughter’s Marriage Not Being Early

7 Reasons for the Daughter's Marriage Not Being Early

There can be many reasons why the daughter’s marriage is not early, but the most important reasons are the ones you will get in this post. The main reason for the delay in the daughter’s marriage is Curse, so if there is a constant smell from the washroom of the house ، if the daughter combs her hair at night, or if someone sweeps the house during Maghrib prayer, then because of this, So, because of this, Curse may come to the members of the house.
Therefore, due to the Curse, virgin daughters face obstacles in marriage, and the Curse brings scarcity of sustenance and disease in the house.
Evil eyes can be a serious reason for stopping the marriage of a daughter. While virgin daughters can become victims of the evil eye very soon.
Black magic is the most dangerous reason for stopping the marriage of daughters. So, if you have an enemy, he can create obstacles in the daughter’s marriage through black magic to torment you.
It should be remembered that the daughter’s face may wither through black magic and the daughter may also become seriously ill.
Sometimes the daughter’s marriage can be hindered due to jinn.
If the daughter is less beautiful then her marriage may be hindered due to this.
If the daughter is suffering from obesity, then the daughter’s marriage may be delayed due to this.
The reasons stated may be irrational, but what is said is true and if the daughter is suffering from the reasons stated, these reasons can be removed through dua.

Dua for Daughter To Get Married Soon

Dua for Husband Love In Arabic

If a parent wants their daughter to get married soon, then for this purpose you should recite “Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel” for 7 days.
InshAllah, in 7 days the daughter will get rid of all kinds of problems and soon the daughter’s marriage will be according to her choice. The daughter can also recite “Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel” by herself, and with the intention of the daughter, her parents, sisters, and brothers can also recite it.
For your daughter’s early marriage, read 10 times after Isha prayer.
After that, you should recite Surah Yusuf once and 900 times “Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel” and blow on the water and let the daughter drink this water.
In the end, you close this spiritual process by reciting Durood 10 times.
Continue this process for 7 days.
Insha Allah, in 7 days God will create a reason for the early marriage of the daughter.
Another successful, powerful, and easy spiritual process for the quick marriage of a daughter is the divine amulet. With the blessings of the divine amulet, the daughter is soon freed from the evil eye, Curse, black magic, and jinn. Due to this, the daughter starts getting married very quickly. Therefore, you should keep the divine amulet in your house and wear it around your daughter’s neck as well. Insha Allah, the daughter’s marriage will be done soon according to her wish, and prosperity and blessings will always remain in the daughter’s post-marriage life. 

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