Dua For Married Couple And Dua For Marriage Night

Dua For Marriage Night

Dua For Married Couple

Marriage is a sacred event in the life of both boy and girl. Everyone is excited about starting a new life with a new person in their life. However, nothing can prevail if Allah doesn’t want it. Thus, it is very important to include Allah Talah in every big or small event of your life. If you are going to get married and you want your married life to be happy and content, then you should practice dua for married couple. The dua will help in making your marriage full of love, care, affection and happiness.

Dua For Blessings in Marriage

If you are going to get married in sometime and you don’t know the nature of your partner but you want him/ her to be compatible with you, then you should recite dua for blessings in marriage. The dua has the power to make your marriage a success. It will make your husband/ wife 100% compatible with you. He/ she will love you with all their heart and will be in love with you from the very first night. If you are worried about starting a new life with your husband and you don’t know how situations will unfold, then you can pray to Allah talah and recite dua for married couple.

Dua For Married Couple

Insha Allah, the dua for a married couple will bring peace, harmony, love and understanding in your relationship. Allah Talah will bless you and your husband and Insha Allah, you both will together with one another till eternity. Often girls get worried thinking about what their life is going to be after marriage! Whether her in-laws will support her or not. Whether her husband will love her or not. How will her life be there? If you also have so much of thoughts, then just make dua for blessings in marriage to Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala and you will see how everything get easy and simple for you.

Dua For Marriage Night

In case, you don’t know the dua for blessings in marriage, then you can consult our Molvi Abdul Rihab Ji. Share your thoughts with Molvi Abdul Rihab Ji and he will provide you the best possible remedy. The relationship of husband and wife is very delicate and hence it needs to be kept protected from all bad things. The dua for blessings in marriage will help you accomplish this objective. So, recite this dua as much as you can even after your marriage.

Another thing what girls going to be bride soon are worried about is their wedding night. A lot of girls don’t know how to proceed and what to say to their husband. They don’t know how their husbands will react when he sees her for the first time. However, do not worry. When you pray dua for marriage night, then Insha Allah, all your stress and worry will be long gone and you will not have any fear.

The dua for marriage night is given below:

Bismillahil La Humma Jan Nibnash Shaitana Wa Jannibish Shaitana Ma Razakna

Recite this dua 7 times before going to your spouse on your wedding night. Insha Allah, everything will be fine. 


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