In this post, you will get a dua with the blessings of which you will be able to control silent migraines quickly. This Quranic Dua Is “Wa Shifa Ullima Fissudur”, which is in verse 57 of Surah Yunus. With the blessing of this Dua, you can control the silent migraine in just 3 days.
Before going into how to recite “wa shifa ullima fissudur” , you must know the symptoms and causes of silent migraine so that you can minimize the problem of silent migraine in the future. Silent migraine is a type of migraine in which the patient has all the symptoms of migraine but the patient does not feel pain in any part of his head.
Among the main symptoms of Silent migraine, the patient feels vomiting and dizziness, besides, the patient also sees strange lights in front of the eyes.
Therefore, most of the patients simply ignore the symptoms of vomiting and dizziness, due to which sometimes the patient is likely to have a severe stroke.
Medical science does not know the definitive symptoms and causes of silent migraine, but it is believed that silent migraine may be caused by severe weakness of the nerves in the brain.
While spiritualism believes that the root cause of migraines is the evil eye,
Therefore, due to the evil eye, there is a problem in the nerves of the brain, and due to the problem in the nerves of the brain, the patient has to face headaches, migraines, and many complex diseases throughout his life.
If you want to get rid of silent migraines quickly, you have to get rid of the evil eye.
So in this post, you will get a dua with the blessing of which you will be able to get rid of silent migraine and the evil eye quickly and forever.

Dua for Silent Migreen

ayat e shifa

If you want to get quick relief from silent migraine, for this purpose you should get 7 almonds and recite 170 times “wa shifa ullima fissudur” and blow on them and eat these 7 almonds.
Do this process for 3 days. Insha Allah, in three days the intensity of silent migraine will decrease.
If you do not feel a clear difference in the three days, then you should wear a divine amulet around your neck.

Amulet for Silent Migreen

Amulet for Silent Migreen

Another best and ancient spiritual remedy to control silent migraines is the Divine Amulet. With the blessing of the divine amulet, the effects of the evil eye and black magic are eliminated from the body of the individual, due to which the patient gets relief from silent migraine. It should be remembered that the evil eye can show numerous symptoms in the patient and among these symptoms, silent migraine is an important symptom. Therefore, the final treatment of migraine does not exist in medical science, but through spiritual methods of treatment, silent migraine can be controlled for a long time. While the best spiritual remedy for silent migraine is the divine amulet. So you wear the divine amulet around your neck, inshallah you will get relief from silent migraine in 3 days.

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