To meet the needs of the family, everyone considers it important to have their own business. But Personal Business requires years of experience to succeed, Therefore, some people cannot succeed in business due to a lack of experience. Apart from this, some people are not able to achieve success in personal business despite having experience. It has often been seen that some people cannot succeed In Business despite investing experience, hard work, and money. Therefore, if a brother or sister is failing in his business despite trying everything, then the reason may be the evil eye. It should be remembered that there are orders in the hadith about the reality of the evil eye, If your business is in the evil eye, you will not be successful in business despite hard work.
Remember that your successful business can be destroyed due to the evil eye. If you want to make your business successful, you must always keep two things in mind. The first thing is that if your business is not giving you profit, it means that your business is in the evil eye.
Secondly, to make the business successful, you have to keep the business safe from evil eyes. If you take care of the mentioned two things throughout your life, then your business will always benefit you. Now the question arises of how the business can always be kept safe from the evil eye.
In this post, we are telling you a Quranic verse with the blessing of which you can always protect your business from the evil eye, black magic, jinn, devils, envy, and enemies.This Quranic ayat Is Ayatul-Kursi. We have listed below the method of spiritual protection of business through Ayatul-Kursi.

Dua for Success In Business

Dua for Success In Business<br />

For any business to be successful, the business must be protected from evil eyes, envy, black magic, and enemies. Ayatul-Kursi is considered the best for the spiritual protection of business. In this post, we are telling you such a simple process of Ayatul Kursi, with the blessing of which you can always keep your business safe. You have to do this Quranic process after the Isha prayer on Friday.
So, first of all, recite Durood 10 times.
After that, you recite Ayatul-Kursi 100 times.
In the end, read Durood again 10 times.
You have to do this process for 7 days.
After 7 days you have to get into the habit of reciting Ayatul Kursi once after every prayer. Apart from this, whenever you can afford it, you must feed a poor person. InshAllah soon your business will start giving you huge profits and you will never face any business loss in your life. Another powerful spiritual process for growth and success in business is the Divine Amulet, Therefore, you should keep a divine amulet in your house and keep it with you. Due to Divine Amulet, all kinds of bad effects will be removed from your body, home, and business and soon you will start making progress and success in business. Due to the divine amulet, you will get blessings, money, success, and good destiny and you will always get success in every field of life and every exam. 

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