Sometimes the husband does not listen to his wife. Rather, he rejects everything she says, while the husband obeys everything his sister and mother say. Due to this the wife naturally gets angry about why her husband does not listen to her. Therefore, a problem arises in the family. This problem becomes acute when a non-woman tells your mother-in-law that her daughter-in-law has cast black magic on her husband. Due to this, riots and quarrels flare up in the house, due to which the husband develops a deep hatred for his wife and this hatred can lead to divorce. Therefore, if a wife wants her husband to obey her and remain in love with her, then she should recite Surah Ikhlas 300 times daily after Isha prayer and continue this spiritual process for 14 days. In sha Allah, in 14 days, any problem between husband and wife will be removed.
The second power spiritual process to remove mischief from home is the spiritual process of the divine Amulet. Therefore, you should keep a divine amulet in your house and keep it with you. InshAllah, with the blessing of the divine amulet, Temptations, and mischief, doubt, hatred, and your husband’s anger will be removed from your home forever. With the blessings of the divine amulet, peace, and love will be created in your home, And incalculable sustenance will also start coming to your house. 

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