wazifa To Control Husband Anger

Islam says that a Momin should not keep anyone angry with him/ her for more than 3 days. Islam preaches brotherhood and thus it doesn’t permit any anger between one another. However, in this busy and chaotic life of today, fights and arguments are bound to happen. This leads to anger and hatred in the heart of people. Well, if you have angered someone and hurt them with your words,

Dua To Control Husband

It is the duty of the wife to see the well-being of her husband. If she finds out that her husband is going to make some loss, then she has all the right to control her husband and save him from making a loss. Sometimes, husbands feel themselves to be much superior and they do not allow the wife to have a say. Well, if your husband is doing this

dua to control nafs

Marriage is a phase where you enter a new phase of your life. For women, this phase involves a lot of challenge and struggle. After marriage, a woman needs to adjust according to the habits and happiness of her husband. She depends completely on her husband to make her marriage successful and happy. Dua To Control Nafs But, usually, life isn’t as simple as it appears. Rather than getting love

Wazifa For Husband Love To Wife

Husband holds the highest value in the life of a husband. Every girl desires that her husband should be loving and caring. He should give quality time to his wife. The concept of nikah makes it obligatory for the husband and wife to love another and hold respect. However, sometimes, husbands are a little careless and carefree in this relationship. They fail to live up to the expectation of their

Dua To Make Husband Love You

Nothing hurts a wife more than a cold-hearted husband in her life. In this era, where relationships have become meaningless, girls still look out for a reliable and trustworthy partner. However, if your husband is a little carefree and is not so much into you, then you should go the Islamic way. The surah to make husband love you will wipe out all your love issues. With the help of

Wazifa For Husband To Love You More

Dua For Your Husband To Love You More A woman is never satisfied with the love and affection she gets from her husband. She demands for more and more. If your husband loves you, but you do not want this love business to end ever in your life, then you can recite Islamic dua and wazifa to maintain it. You have to recite the dua for your husband to love

Dua For Husband Love And Respect

Getting love and respect in your married life is the right of every wife and if your husband doesn’t give you your much deserved love and respect, then you have every right to leave him. However, all women do not have the strength to break their marriage and surely you need to give your marriage a chance. Thus, you should recite the dua for husband love. With the help of

Dua For Husband Love In Quran

Craving for husband love and praying for it to Allah (SWT) isn’t wrong. Allah Talah gives you the complete freedom to win the love of your husband by all halal means. It is very important for a wife to get the love of her husband for this life and afterlife. Dua For Husband’s Love Husband plays a very significant role in the life of a wife. However, if you think

Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer

No other relationship is as close and transparent as that of a husband and wife. If you do not have such a bond with your husband, then it is very important for you to maintain as it might lead to the failure of your relationship. Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer Closeness calls for better understanding, increase in love and sufficient care for another. If your spouse isn’t as

Dua For Husband And Wife Problems

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) (pbuh) ordained “There is no house in Islam more beloved in the sight of Allah (swt) than through marriage”. Thus, Islam regards the relationship of a husband and wife as most virtuous. Dua For Husband And Wife Problems Marriage is the union of two souls, two bodies, two hearts and two lives. However, in our day to day lives, you’re bound to experience fights and confusion with