In this post, you have been told when and how human beings started black magic in ancient times. It should be remembered that Satan has been given life till the Day of Judgement.
Which is a punishment for him.
Iblis thinks that the reason for the punishment of Allah upon him is man.
Therefore, Satan considers man as his enemy and tries to mislead him every moment.
Islam has made every Muslim aware of Satan’s intentions.
Satan does not have the authority to directly interfere in human life.
Therefore, he disturbs a person only to the extent of giving a whisper.
Satan knows the weaknesses and desires of man, so he can create or erase any desire in the mind of man.
Therefore, Satan gave man a wish to live forever and also taught man some rituals by which Satan would enter into human life to some extent and fulfill some of his desires.
These rituals are black magic. By means of which man himself would bring Satan into the world and get the fulfillment of his desires from him.
Therefore, it can be said that the evil knowledge which gave birth to the desire of man to live forever is black magic ۔
Black magic is seeking help from Satan for evil deeds.
And Satan does everything with pleasure that Islam forbids.
Today, black magic rituals are found in every street of the world and in countless books.
By reading this everyone tries to take revenge on his enemy.
Whether a person is an expert in black magic spells or not, if he recites black magic spells, his enemy will surely suffer due to it.
Whether this loss appears today or after a year is a different matter.
According to observations, black magic can be transmitted from person to person like an epidemic .
Remember that black magic is not an irrational story.
Its terribleness can be understood only by those who fall victim to black magic.
Just as no one cares about illness before illness,
But when the disease comes, even the bravest people are shaken because of it.
Similarly, when black magic shows its effects, the person forgets everything.
So every person needs protection and deliverance from black magic.
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