In this post you will get a Quranic Dua with the blessing of which you can protect yourself from all kinds of black magic forever. It should be remembered that black magic is a demonic power that is spread everywhere in the universe, So black magic constantly affects every person. Apart from this, black magic is transferred from one person to another person, and due to this, the life, property, honor, children, thinking, manners, relationships, and health of every person are badly affected. An example of black magic is severe cold, just as no one can escape from cold in severe winter, similarly black magic has more or less effect on every person in the world. Therefore, every human being should read healing duas to avoid black magic, and the best dua among such duas are Surah Falaq, Surah Nas, and Ayat al-Kursi. It should be remembered that the example of protection prayers is like a warm blanket and just as we protect ourselves from the cold by covering ourselves with a warm blanket in the winter season, in the same way we are protected from all kinds of evil influences due to protection prayers. It should be remembered that when a person targets an innocent person and performs black magic on him, it proves to be dangerous for him. Therefore, even in such a case, with the blessings of Surah Falaq, Surah Nas, and Ayatul Kursi, one can be protected from black magic. Below is the correct way of reciting the Dua of protection.

How Can I Protect Myself from Black Magic

The easiest way to protect yourself from black magic is to recite duas of protection, so you should make it a habit to recite Surah Falaq once, Surah Nas, and Ayatul Kursi after every prayer. InshAllah soon black magic will be destroyed from your body and house and you will be protected from black magic forever. Therefore, after reciting the protection prayers for a few days, black magic will not affect you in any way and if someone tries to do black magic on you, this black magic will be reversed on him. It should be remembered that if a person feeds a deserving person once in 7 days, then due to this, the person is protected from black magic, evil eye, and accidents. But if a person gives charity to a person who does not deserve it, then because of that you will not get spiritual protection. Apart from this, by visiting the patient or by buying the medicine for the patient, the person gets spiritual protection and such spiritual protection always remains.

Divine Amulet for Protection from Black Magic

The second most powerful spiritual process for deliverance and protection from black magic is the divine amulet. Divine Amulet is written through special verses of the Qur’an, with the blessing of which a person gets immediate and permanent relief from the evil eye, all kinds of black magic, enemies, and evil influences, in addition, the person is freed from black magic and the evil eye all his life. It is protected from all kinds of damage. Therefore, keep a divine amulet in your home and keep it with you. Insha Allah, you will get protection from black magic forever. Protection from black magic is necessary to bring success, prosperity, money, love, and honor in life, and to protect from black magic you must have a divine amulet in your home. Therefore, you should keep the divine amulet in your house and also keep it with you, Insha Allah, you will be protected by Allah from black magic and enemies all your life. 

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