How can I protect myself from black magic?
Islam has told many prayers to save oneself from black magic.
Among these prayers, Ayatul Kursi, Surah Falaq, and Surah Nas are important.
If a person recites these blessed Surahs after every prayer, he will always be protected from black magic.
Apart from this, if a person gives charity to a deserving person once in 7 days, he is always protected from black magic.
But if you give charity to a poor person and he buys drugs with your money, then because of that you will not get spiritual security.
The best Islamic way to protect oneself from black magic is a protection amulet.
The protection amulet is written in the name of the patient and during the writing of this amulet, spiritual rituals are performed through numerous Quranic prayers.
This amulet removes the effects of black magic and evil from your body and home.
And always protects you from black magic, jinn, evil eye, and all kinds of harm.
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