In this post, we will tell you how married women can stay safe from divorce all their lives. Apart from this, in this post, you will also get the real reason why most women have to face divorce. In this article of ours, this fact has been revealed which most of the women are unaware of. So you should first understand the real reason why women get divorced, after that, we will tell you a Quranic Dua with the blessing of which women will be safe from divorce all their lives.

Most Important Reason for Divorce

According to spirituality, black magic is the main reason why women get divorced, black magic is far from the understanding of common people, so no woman can easily escape from black magic.
Remember that dirt from a divorced woman’s grave, combed hair, and dirt from her nails and shoes are the main ingredients used in black magic.
Such items are possessed by spellcasters and black magic practitioners.
Such things are obtained by sorcerers through simple and ordinary women,
For example, if a widow comes to a sorcerer for some purpose, the sorcerer can get her hair, nails, and shoes from the widow.
Apart from this, some widows in every family must die.
So the sorcerers obtain from the women the soil of the graves of such widows and all these things they use in black magic for their purposes,
All such items are used by the sorcerers to harm a husband, for divorce, and to block marriage.
Remember that sorcerers exist in every corner and every street of the world. And they reach out to anyone who wants a divorce for any other other
Divorce is possible between husband and wife through black magic and we have also told you the details of how the sorcerers make this work possible.
Another important reason for the divorce between husband and wife is Satan
According to a hadith, when the devil causes divorce between husband and wife, Iblis, the chief of devils, is very happy.
In other words, divorce between husband and wife is Satan’s favorite practice.
It should be remembered that after marriage until a daughter is born in the house of husband and wife, they are threatened by black magic
Perhaps for this reason, the daughter is considered as God’s mercy.

Dua for Avoid Divorce

surah qasas ayat 24 for avoid divorce

The best dua to avoid divorce is verse 24 of Surah Qasas.
Therefore, if there is a fear of divorce between a husband and wife due to misunderstanding and doubt, then the wazifa of Surah Qasas verse 24 is very powerful to prevent this divorce and to be safe from divorce in the future life.
This wazifa can be started on any day,
For wazifa, you should recite Darood Ibrahimi 10 times and verse 24 of Surah Qasas 24 times after every prayer.
This wazifa has to be continued for 7 days, InshAllah, in 7 days the hatred of husband and wife will turn into love.
If you do not benefit in 7 days, then in such a case you should keep the Divine Amulet in your house and keep it with you.
InshAllah, with the blessings of the Divine Amulet, you will be freed from the heart and mind of your husband, black magic, and all kinds of evil influences, and after that the husband will be in love with his wife forever.
So with the divine amulet, you can get every happiness of your life again and soon.

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