How married women can avoid divorce and black magic ?
Dirt from a divorced woman’s grave, combed hair, nails, and dirt from her shoes are the main items used in black magic. Such items are possessed by spellcasters and magicians.
Those who recite mantras with the help of such items perform such black magic due to which a woman is divorced by her husband. Many women come and go to those who recite mantras, among such women there are also divorced women.
Therefore, the spell caster takes the dirt off their hair, nails, and feet from such women.
Therefore, such hair and nails are used by sorcerers to ruin the house of an innocent woman.
Remember that spell caster are present in every corner of the world and in every street. And they reach every person from whom they get money.
It is possible to get divorce through black magic. We have given you the hint of how it is possible. And according to a hadith, when Satan causes divorce between husband and wife , So Iblis, the chief of devils, is very happy with this
In other words, a divorce between husband and wife is Satan’s favorite act. It should be remembered that after marriage until a daughter is born in the house of the husband and wife, the black magic goes on them very easily.
Therefore, every sister must keep a Protection Amulet in her home to protect her married life.So that black magic and evil eye cannot become a reason for divorce between husband and wife.
The link is given below for the full details of the Protection Amulet .

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