How to Check Black Magic at Home ?
In this post, we will tell you a spiritual ritual that will help you know whether your home is affected by black magic or not.
to find out the effects of black magic on your home, you should recite the 300 times Surah Ikhlas on a glass of water after the Isha prayer on Thursday.
Now pour half of this glass of water on the walls of your house and drink half of the water yourself.
You have to do this spiritual ritual for 3 days.
So in 3 days if any pot in your house falls automatically in front of you,
You start to feel someone’s presence in the house,
Or if you see a black shadow in your dream, then this is an indication that black magic is affecting you and your home.
But in general, if a person’s house is affected by black magic, then he does not need to do any spiritual ritual, but black magic makes its presence felt by itself.
Therefore, if your house has the effects of black magic, then you must keep the amulet of safety in your house to get rid of it and protect it.
Insha Allah, as long as this amulet stays in your house, black magic will never affect you.
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