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The greatest effect of black magic is seen on the husband.
Black magic is a demonic power and the devil delights in causing hatred, separation, and divorce between husband and wife.
According to a hadith, the devil sets his court on the sea every day and takes a report from all the devils in the world.
So the devils of the world give their performance reports to Iblis .
But Iblis is most pleased with the devil who causes divorce between husband and wife.
Therefore, the devil constantly tries to separate the husband and wife by using whispering, doubt, hatred and the love of a non-woman.
For this purpose, Satan can also cast black magic on your husband through a non-woman.
Apparently, what has been described is irrational, but it is there in the hadith.
Also, if you clean a graveyard, you will find numerous nails, forks, pots, and amulets of black magic.
From the names written on these amulets, you will be confirmed that most of the black magic is done on the husband.
So if a husband lies to his wife.
The husband has fallen victim to the love of a non-woman
Or the husband does not talk to the wife.
So it is possible that your husband has been bewitched.
It should be remembered that magic affects the husband very quickly. And because of this, the husband can divorce his wife.
The question arises whether the husband is a victim of black magic or not, and how to know it, so for this, we have described two spiritual rituals, their links are listed below.
Therefore, if you confirm that your husband has become a victim of black magic, then you should obtain the protection amulet of your husband’s name and keep it in your house and keep it with you.
Insha Allah, your husband will get rid of black magic and he will fall in love with his wife again.
Remember that even if your husband is not a victim of black magic, you should keep a protective amulet in your house so that your husband is always safe from black magic.
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Remedy for Black Magic 

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