In this post, you will get an Islamic prayer with the blessing of which you will be able to control your husband’s anger. The best dua to make the husband’s anger in Kandol is “Wala Hawla Wala Quwwata illa Billahil Aliyyil Azeem” With the blessing of this Dua Mubaraka, women can end their husband’s anger and can also get love of their husbands forever.
It should be remembered that 90% of Muslim women in the world are worried because of their husband’s anger. Therefore, most women try to change themselves to end their husband’s anger, but sometimes, despite changing themselves, the husband’s anger does not decrease. The reason for this is that women try to end the husband’s anger while the need is to remove the cause of the husband’s anger.
If the real reason for a husband’s anger is removed, then because of this, the husband’s anger will automatically go away and he will never be angry with his wife again. Therefore, the reasons for the husband’s anger and the dua to remove these reasons are given below.

7 Reasons for Husband’s Anger

There can be many reasons for a husband’s anger. Among these reasons are the constant opposition of the in-laws, the husband not working, the husband falling in love with a non-woman, the evil eye, and black magic.
Apart from this, due to blood pressure and depression, a husband can get angry with his wife.
It should be remembered that it is a normal thing for a husband to get angry, but for a husband to get angry for no reason is a sign of evil eye and black magic on the husband.
Therefore, if a husband gets angry with his wife due to black magic and the evil eye, it can be a problem.

Dua To Control The Anger Of The Husband

Dua To Control The Anger Of The Husband

Remember that you should first try to understand the reason for your husband’s anger and then keep this reason in mind and recite the above-mentioned dua according to the method we have mentioned. Inshallah, you will get immediate benefits.

Dua for Angry Husband


If a husband is a victim of the evil eye, he may suffer from intense anger due to this. If a husband suffers from intense anger due to the evil eye, it can have dire consequences.
So every woman should know the reality of the evil eye and its exact symptoms So that she can end her husband’s anger by saving him from the evil eye in a time of need. Therefore, if a husband is suffering from anxiety, headache, and severe anger, then these are clear signs of the evil eye.
Therefore, in such a case, you should recite 7 times “Wala Hawla Wala Quwwata illa Billahil Aliyyil Azeem” and blow it on tea or something sweet and feed it to your husband. Insha Allah, in a short time, the husband’s anger will turn into love.

Dua for Controlling Husband Anger

 Dua for Controlling Husband Anger<br />

Sometimes the husband falls victim to black magic and falls in love with a non-woman. Therefore, the husband does not even like to talk to his wife because of the love of a non-woman. If the husband quarrels with his wife over trivial matters, the husband threatens his wife with divorce, the husband constantly abuses his wife and the husband tortures his wife, then this is a sign that the husband is someone And has been under control.
It should be remembered that the mentioned symptoms appear on the husband only when the husband is in love with a non-woman and married men are victims of the love of a non-woman only because of black magic.
But also keep in mind that no woman loves a poor person. Non-women only give time to those who have more money or good jobs. Therefore, due to more money and good jobs, non-women can also cast black magic on someone.
Due to the effects of black magic, a husband can become very angry with his wife and such anger can have a terrible end.
The main symptoms of black magic include the husband getting angry at the wife for no reason, the husband sleeping for a long time and the husband not talking to the wife.
If the mentioned 3 symptoms are present in your husband, then your husband may be affected by black magic. Therefore, in the case of black magic, you should perform ablution before going in front of your husband, and in addition to this, you should keep reciting innumerable “Wala Hawla Wala Quwwata illa Billahil Aliyyil Azeem” Insha Allah, by doing this for a few days, the husband will get rid of black magic and the love of a non-woman, and he will be in love with his wife forever.

Amulet for Controlling Angry Husband

Amulet for Controlling Angry Husband<br />

Another successful, simple, and powerful spiritual process to control the husband’s heart, mind, anger, love, and emotions is the divine amulet. Due to the divine amulet, the husband’s heart and mind will be freed from black magic, the evil eye, and the love of a non-woman forever. So the husbands who are saved from the evil eye, black magic, and the love of non-women are always faithful to their wives and this is the ultimate truth, But it is also true that only 5 out of 100 husbands are such who can escape from the evil eye, black magic, and the love of a non-woman.
Therefore, if a person is very angry with his wife, it can only be due to the evil eye, black magic, and the love of a non-woman. In such a case, the husband can be kept safe only through the divine amulet
However, according to spiritual experts, whether a person is a victim of evil eye and black magic or not, in both cases, the wife must keep a divine amulet in her house so that the husband is protected from evil eye and black magic all his life.
Remember that the spiritual protection of the husband is the guarantee of the loving life of the wife, and the spiritual protection of the husband is possible only through a divine amulet.

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