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Cleanse Oneself From Black Magic?
If a brother or sister has become a victim of black magic, there are two important Islamic ways to cleanse oneself from this black magic.
Islamic Ritual
Amulet of Ayatul Kursi

Islamic Ritual

If a brother or sister has been a victim of black magic, their problems will increase with the passage of time. So they have to adopt the Islamic method as soon as possible to get rid of black magic. Therefore, to cleanse yourself from magic, you should recite Ayatul Kursi 70 times after the Isha prayer and breathe on your chest.
You have to do this Islamic spiritual Retual for 7 days. You must feed 5 poor people before and after starting this Islamic Retual. Insha Allah, you will get complete relief from black magic in 7 days.

Amulet of Ayatul Kursi

If any brother or sister wants to heal from black magic soon, then you should keep Ayatul-Kursi taweez in your house and keep it with you. Giants, devils, and witches are afraid of Ayat al-Kursi. So your body will be cleansed forever due to the Amulet of Ayatul Kursi. Apart from this, you will always be safe from black magic because of Ayatul Kursi. Amulet of Ayatul Kursi gives you all kinds of spiritual protection. Therefore, every brother and sister must keep the Amulet of Ayatul Kursi in their house and with them.
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Best Remedy for Black Magic 

The correct spiritual treatment of Black Magic is the Islamic Protection Amulet. Islamic Amu let of protection is written with special verses of the Quran which is the most powerful treatment and protection against black magic. You can get Protection Amulet by paying us $25 Donate and for this purpose, you can contact us on WhatsApp.

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