In this post we will tell you the reality, method, purpose and benefits of Asma Azam meditation. Isme Azam Meditating is an ancient spiritual process (wazifa) through which a Muslim gets spiritual help to get rid of his difficulties and worries. If you want to get rid of your problem in 7 days then Isme Azam Meditation is only for you.

Method of Isme Azam Meditation

spiritual Method of Isme Azam Meditation

for Isme Azam Meditation, recite Durood Sharif 10 times after Isha prayer. Durood Sharif you can recite any. After that, you should sit calmly in the Position of the meditation, close your eyes and face the Qiblah.

allah in heart

In this state you have to imagine that “اللہ” is written above your heart.
During this spiritual process you only have to think that “اللہ” is written on your heart. You have not read anything in your heart and tongue.
You have to maintain this visualization for 15 minutes and you have to continue this spiritual process for 14 days.
During this process, countless and old ideas will arise in your mind.
You should not try to stop these thoughts by force.
During Murqaba you will feel that your heart rate has increased.
Apart from this, you will also feel that you have slept.
Sometimes you will feel that your heart is saying “Allah Allah”.
During the described spiritual process, you will also start seeing true dreams.
But you have to ignore all the feelings and focus on your heart.
You have to continue this meditation daily for 15 minutes and you have to continue this spiritual meditation for 14 days.
During the Isme Azam meditation you keep sharing your dreams and spiritual feelings with us so that you get the right spiritual guidance.
By doing this meditation you will also get the right solution to your problem and you will also get spiritual help in the problem.

Purpose of Isma Azam Meditation

Remember that everyone wants a quick solution to their problem. The solution to the problem can be found only through meditation and istikhara, But we cannot tell the solution to every person’s problem by doing istikhara and meditation. Because it takes at least 3 hours to do istikhara or meditation. We have at least 50 people requesting Istikhara daily which is not possible for us. Therefore, keeping this problem in mind, we have told you the Isme Azam meditation.
with the blessing of Isme Azam meditating , you can get the solution of your problem through the dream before 7 days, and if you do not understand your dream, you can get guidance from us. Apart from this, most of the people’s worries are automatically removed by blessing of isme Azam meditation
Also, to get the spiritual blessings of Isme Azam meditation, you should introduce this meditation to at least 70 people. If people will do Isme Azam meditate because of you, then you will also get its spiritual blessings and this is the spiritual secret of achieving your goal.
Also, if people do Isme Azam meditate because of you, then because of this, you will be spiritually connected to a spiritual network, which will give you thousands of benefits.

Isme Azam Meditation Benefits

Isme Azam Meditation is a very ancient spiritual process (wazifa) which is recognized even by science today. When you do this meditation, you will begin to recognize its spiritual blessings. Every person of this meditation gets numerous spiritual blessings and we will share some of these blessings for you in this post.

There are numerous benefits of Isme Azam Meditation . To get these benefits you have to stay in touch with us on WhatsApp and you also have to share Isme Azam Meditation . After that, you will start receiving countless spiritual blessings of Isme Azam meditation than you can not think.

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