In this post, you will get a dua with the blessing of which you will be able to get rid of black magic yourself. It should be remembered that black magic is mentioned in the Quran and Hadith in clear words. In the early days of Islam and before that, black magic was practiced as a business. And even today black magic is a means of earning money for some people. In every corner of the world, in every city, and in every street, there must be someone who is an expert in black magic, but not everyone knows about such people. Apart from this, black magic people also know about each other’s skills, so they keep trying to harm innocent people by getting help from each other. Black magic is the power of evil and the power of evil is spread everywhere in the universe. Therefore, any person in the world can be a victim of black magic at any time. But every person who is a victim of black magic never recognizes black magic, and this is an important sign of black magic. Avoiding black magic and always being safe from it is essential for every person and it is possible only through dua. In this post, you will get a dua with the blessing of which you will be able to break all kinds of magic yourself. So read this post with understanding till the end.

Dua for Black Magic Breaking

Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim

Dua to break the black magic is “Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim“. This Dua is verse 58 of Surah Yasin. There are countless spiritual blessings of this blessed prayer and one of these blessings is the breaking of magic, That is, the person who recites “Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim”, gets rid of black magic and that person is always safe from black magic.
Apart from this, the enemies of this person are automatically removed.
Therefore, to break the black magic, you should read Durood 10 times after Isha’s prayer on Friday.
After that, you recite 700 times “Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim”.
At the end, you should recite Darood 10 times again and close this spiritual process.
You should continue this spiritual process for 7 days.
Insha Allah, in 7 days, you will get rid of all kinds of black magic, jinn, evil eyes, and enemies.
After completing the mentioned spiritual process, you should make a habit of reciting 10 times Durood and 70 times “Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim” every day so that you do not face any problems due to black magic and the enemy again.

Amulet for Black Magic Breaking

Amulet for Black Magic Breaking<br />

If a brother or sister wants to break black magic on their own, then the second most powerful, simple and harmless spiritual process is the divine amulet. Remember that black magic is as dangerous as a wild snake. If a person ignores it or mistreats it, it can be dangerous for the person. But divine amulet is a harmless spiritual process and it is an ancient method of receiving spiritual blessings from the verses of the Qur’an. Therefore, to get rid of black magic and protect yourself, you should keep the divine amulet in your house and keep it with you. InshAllah soon the black magic will be removed from your body and home and your life will be normal again.

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