In this post, we will tell you a Qur’anic Dua with the blessing of which every problem between husband and wife will end forever. It should be remembered that all the life between husband and wife there is some or the other problem. Minor problems sometimes appear due to minor reasons which disappear by themselves. But if a husband and wife are victims of the evil eye or black magic, minor problems appear in front of them in the form of signs of the evil eye and black magic. And these problems can become dire with time. In general, the problems that arise between husband and wife after marriage include hatred between husband and wife, suspicion, and the husband’s love for non-women, not doing the job of the husband, not getting the job despite the efforts of the husband, and quarreling with the in-laws and the husband for no reason. The husband’s illness, the husband’s decision to divorce his wife, the husband’s remarriage, and the husband’s expense to his wife are not included in the world. It should be remembered that the cause of the problems of the husband and wife is not necessarily due to the evil eye and black magic. But also remember that whether the cause of the problem of the husband and wife is external or internal, their treatment is possible only through Dua. So in this post, you will get a dua, with the blessing of which every problem between the husband and wife will end forever and they will have a peaceful and prosperous life again. The description of this dua is given below.

Dua for Husband And Wife Problems

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir in Arabic

If there is any problem between a husband and wife and that problem is not removed despite efforts, then this problem can be removed in 7 days using Dua Mubaraka “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir”
This Dua is listed above in Arabic.
This Dua is in verse 10 of the blessed Surah Qamar and it is the Dua of Hazrat Nuh (AS).
You should memorize this blessed Dua orally and after that, you should first recite 10 times Durood after Isha prayer on Friday.
After that, recite “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” 369 times.
In the end, you close this wazifa by reciting Durood Sharif 10 times.
You should continue the mentioned spiritual process for 7 days and after 7 days you should get into the habit of reciting Durood 10 times and “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” 10 times daily. Insha Allah, with the blessing of the mentioned spiritual process, every problem between husband and wife will be removed forever.
If a sister is not able to perform the described spiritual process, then another successful, easy, and powerful spiritual process is a divine amulet for her. Due to the divine amulet, you will get rid of the evil eye, black magic, jinn, enemies, and all kinds of evil influences and soon every problem between husband and wife will end automatically. With the blessing of the divine amulet, intense love develops between husband and wife and due to pure love, there is no problem between husband and wife. The divine amulet is the solution to every problem of husband and wife. 

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