In this post, you will get such a dua, with the blessing of which the husband will develop immense love for his wife and he will not even think of being away from his wife in his life.
This Dua is verse 83 of Surah Yasin,
Therefore, a woman who does the wazifa of Surah Yasin verse 83, her husband cannot leave her even if he wants to, and over time, her husband’s love for her also starts to increase.
Remember, sometime after the marriage, the thought of leaving their wife arises in the heart of most people, and some stubborn people fulfill every idea that arises in their hearts. So wives assume because of their husband’s bad behavior, that their husband wants to leave them.
Therefore, virtuous wives try their best to avoid divorce, but sometimes all their efforts are in vain. When a husband decides to leave his wife, there can be many reasons.
Among such reasons, the husband may want to marry again.
Besides, sometimes the husband has two marriages and his second wife wants her husband to leave his first wife.
Often women are not liked by in-laws, so sometimes in-laws try their best to get a divorce between husband and wife.
Remember that when a husband leaves his wife, there are more than 70% effects of black magic behind him.
So if a woman saves her husband from black magic, her husband can never intend to leave her, and this is possible only through Dua and one of the best Dua is Surah Yasin verse 83.
The correct way of reciting this dua is listed below.

Dua for Husband Not To Leave his Wife

surah yaseen ayat 83 arabic

If a woman wants her husband to never leave her, then for this purpose she should recite Durood Sharif 10 times and verse 83 of Surah Yaseen 83 times after Fajr prayer on Friday.
You have to do this process after every prayer and you have to continue this wazifa for 14 days.
After 14 days, make a habit of reciting 83 verses of Surah Yasin 83 times and Durood Sharif 10 times after Isha prayer.
Insha Allah, by doing this wazifa, a storm of love will be created in the husband’s heart for his wife, and he will not be able to leave his wife even if he wants to.
It should be remembered that some women do not get success in the wazifa, this may be due to the conditions of the wazifa.
also, sometimes the husband does not even like to hear his wife’s name due to severe black magic, Nor is it affected by any wazifa,
Therefore, in such a situation, keep the Divine Amulet in your house, Insha Allah, with the blessings of the Divine Amulet, the effects of all kinds of black magic will be destroyed from the heart and mind of the husband, and her husband will be submissive forever.
Remember that a submissive husband can never separate his wife from himself.

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