Quran has 6666 verses and all of these verses have the power to get rid of black magic. But we should know the method. The most important and great verse of the Quran for protection against black magic is Ayatul Kursi. According to the blessed Hadith, Satan is afraid of Ayat al-Kursi. And behind every kind of black magic, the devil is behind it, but we are not aware of it.
Satan tempts man to take revenge, and when a person feels that he does not have the power to take revenge on his enemy. So, in this case, the devil persuades the person to do black magic. So the concerned person starts trying to harm his enemy by going to the black magic practitioner or by doing magic himself. Remember that it has been observed that when a person intends to perform a spell, the effect of black magic is released by merely intending it.
Now the enemy can lose it even after one year and even after 10 years. But if a person regularly casts spells on his enemy, then due to this, the concerned person can be harmed very quickly.
Sometimes a person forgets by casting black magic on his enemy.
But black magic never forgets its purpose, and in this way, even if a person doesn’t want it, he harms someone’s life, wealth, honor and children through black magic. This is the reason why Islam has emphasized on reciting Ayatul Kursi daily so that a Muslim can always be protected from the evil of black magic, Evil Eye, jinn, and Satan.
If a brother or sister wants to be always protected from black magic, then they must keep the amulet of Ayatul Kursi in their house.