In this post, you will get a spiritual process of Surah Ikhlas, with the blessing of which you can get a Baby Boy from the presence of Allah, besides, through the spiritual blessings of Surah Ikhlas, you will always protect your children from illness, the evil eye, jinn, and accidents.
Surah Ikhlas is in 30 para and in terms of receiving spiritual blessings, Surah Ikhlas has immense merit. It should be remembered that the cause of most of the problems of every human being is the evil eye, the bad effects of the evil eye can settle in a person’s house and can also settle in the body. Therefore, if there are effects of the evil eye on a person’s body, then due to this, the person may suffer from incurable diseases. If a woman is suffering from severe evil eye, then due to this, most of the women suffer from stomach diseases. Therefore, women not getting pregnant, pregnancy loss, and women not having baby boys can also be due to the evil eye. Sometimes, due to the effects of the evil eye, women give birth to male children, but they do not survive for long. Therefore, women need to pay attention to spiritual protection before and after pregnancy. Surah Ikhlas is considered best for spiritual protection. With the blessing of Surah Ikhlas, women’s pregnancy, and the unborn child remain safe, In addition to this, with the blessing of Surah Ikhlas, Allah also grants male children to women. So read this post till the end to get a child soon and to protect the child.

Surah Ikhlas In Arabic

surah ikhlas arabic calligraphy

Surah iKhlas for Baby Boy

If a sister is pregnant and she wants to give birth to a baby boy, this is possible through Surah Ikhlas. You can start the spiritual process of Surah Ikhlas immediately after conception and you can start it before conception. Since the gender of the baby is determined after 4 months of pregnancy, doing this spiritual process after 4 months of pregnancy may not benefit you.
For this spiritual process, after the Fajr prayer, recite Durood 11 times and Surah Ikhlas 70 times and blow to these three almonds.
Out of these three almonds, you should eat one almond at the same time, then eat one almond after the Zuhr prayer, and eat 3rd almond after the Maghrib prayer.
Continue this spiritual process till the 4th month of your pregnancy.
After doing this spiritual process of Surah Ikhlas, Allah will surely grant him a baby boy. By doing the mentioned spiritual process, a woman’s pregnancy remains under the protection of Allah, and the birth of the child is also done well. Apart from this, mother and child are always safe from the evil eye.

Surah iKhlas for Kids Protection

After birth, children are exposed to dangers due to the evil eye, jinn, and accidents. Therefore, the most important thing for parents is the safety of children. If parents pay attention to the spiritual safety of their children, then the external safety of the children will automatically happen due to this. Therefore, the best spiritual process for the spiritual protection of children is Surah Ikhlas. With the blessing of Surah Ikhlas, children are always protected from the evil eye, jinn, disease, fear, and accidents. Therefore, every parent should recite Surah Ikhlas 21 times daily to their children and keep doing this process in the morning and evening. Inshallah, with the blessings of this simple process, the children will get spiritual protection and they will be safe from all kinds of problems throughout their lives.

Surah Ikhlas for Child good good luck

Every parent wants their children to achieve success in every field of life, while success depends only on good destiny. Therefore, the children who have a good destiny get success, money, and respect in every field of life, while the children who have a bad destiny suffer from bad habits, rejection, failure, and hatred of everyone. Such children face fewer problems due to their parents, while in the absence of their parents, they are unable to get even one meal for themselves. Remember that child competence means that children can achieve success for themselves without the support of their parents، and this is possible only through Surah Ikhlas. Therefore, the spiritual process of Surah Ikhlas is best for the brilliant future and success of children.
If you have small children, read Durood 10 times and Surah Ikhlas 21 times and blowe to your children daily.
If your children are 5 years old or above, you should teach them Surah Ikhlas.
So that children get used to reciting Surah Ikhlas 3 times a day.
Parents should do this process with their children under their supervision.
Inshallah, by doing this action, the children will have good luck and they will continue to get success, money, and respect throughout their lives.

Amulet for Children

If one is deprived of the blessing of a child, another powerful spiritual process to obtain a baby boy from Allah is the divine amulet. Divine Amulet destroys the effects of evil eye, black magic, jinn, and diseases from the body of women due to which women get pregnant soon and then give birth to a son. A son born with the blessings of Divine Amulet is protected from evil eyes, black magic, jinn, accidents, and disease and also gets success and honor in every field of life. Children become intelligent due to divine amulet, due to which they always perform well in school. Therefore, keep the Divine Amulet with you and keep it in your home. Apart from this, try to wear divine amulets around your children’s necks.
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