Easy And Safe Childbirth ?
If a woman is pregnant and she wants her child to be born easily and with a normal delivery, it is preferable for her to recite Surah Ikhlas.
Therefore, he should recite Surah Ikhlas 100 times and Durood Ibrahimi 10 times daily breathe on her chest, and continue this process until the birth of the child.
It should be remembered that every pregnant woman is at greater risk from evil eyes and jinn.
And the pregnant woman often has nightmares and the main reason for this is that there are giants hovering around her, due to which she often feels fear.
Remember that giving a pregnant woman nightmares or feeling afraid is not a medical reason.
Rather, it happens because of the jinn and evi eyes.
And this happens with every pregnant woman.
Therefore, it is important for every pregnant woman to resort to dua for protection from evil eye and jinn during pregnancy.
With the blessing of Surah Ikhlas, the pregnancy of the pregnant woman, the pregnant woman and her child are protected and the birth of this child is also easy.
Therefore, every pregnant woman should recite Surah Ikhlas strictly ۔
If a pregnant woman is not able to recite Surah Ikhlas, then she should get an Amulet of Surah Ikhlas from our team and wear it around her neck.
Insha Allah, the pregnant woman, and her baby will be safe Due to the Amulet of Surah Ikhlas
Due to the Amulet of Surah Ikhlas, A child is born healthy, beautiful, and has a good destiny.
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