Black magic can be recognized by its symptoms but some elders believe that the symptoms of black magic appear differently on each person. On the contrary, ancient Muslim elders have mentioned some symptoms of black magic which are found in all people affected by black magic.
The following are the Signs of Black Of Magic mentioned by ancient Muslim spiritual experts.
A person who is affected by black magic initially feels fear of night and darkness.
A person affected by black magic cannot sleep properly and cannot concentrate on any work.
The mind of a person affected by black magic continues to circulate for no reason.
The patient becomes quite irritable.
The patient starts feeling tired for no reason.
The patient starts feeling anxious and depressed.
Pain starts in the right or left arm of the patient.
The patient often has pain in the middle of the chest, which stops for some time after drinking water.
The patient’s anger and anxiety increases.
Sometimes the patient starts to get angry.
A person affected by magic usually stays away from prayer, call to prayer and Quran.
A person affected by magic starts looking for evil in his parents or well-wishers.
A person affected by magic believes himself to be wise and the rest of the world to be foolish.
People affected by magic have terrible dreams and often their dreams come true.
A person affected by magic considers magic to be a foolish thought.
And only magic gives him such a thought.

Signs Of Black Magic after 6 Month

The symptoms described indicate that the patient has been affected by witchcraft some time ago but as soon as this magic becomes more than 6 months old, then the severest symptoms of black magic begin to appear on the patient, which is as follows.
When black magic gets strong in a person’s body and home, then it shows the following symptoms on the person .
Due to black magic, the patient does not get success in any work despite hard work .
Loved ones become enemies of the soul .
A person begins to get the reward of good deeds with evil and the reward of sacrifice with infamy.
The person starts getting severe disgrace from the family.
Everyone in the family starts opposing.
The individual’s business is destroyed and he soon becomes destitute.
The patient gets into debt problem.
And the person gets a disease for which there is no cure.
The patient starts hearing horrible and scary sounds.
Sometimes the patient suddenly sees black shadows for a few moments and disappears.
The patient feels as if someone is behind him whereas when the patient looks back, there is no one there.
There are also some forms of black magic in which the patient gets bruised and bleeds and this often happens with the patient, and after that the patient’s wound also heals quickly . These are the common symptoms of black magic.
But sometimes the patient has a mere delusion of being bewitched, so the person has nightmares due to the delusion and due to hallucinations, sometimes the described symptoms also appear on the patient due to this, the patient fails to confirm the black magic correctly.
Apart from this, some people can cause you more trouble by telling black magic is the cause of your every problem. So find the right and true person for confirmation and treatment of black magic. In the eyes of every Muslim, there is no true and perfect healer than the Quran.
Therefore, for proper treatment and protection against black magic, you must keep the Islamic Protective Talisman in your home.