In this post, we will tell you about the harms that can be faced by those who do black magic and those who are affected by black magic. Black magic is a supernatural power used to promote sin, which has many hidden dangers and disadvantages which can be listed below.
A person who performs black magic and on whom black magic is performed has severe negative effects on the days. Of which both the person performing black magic and the one on whom black magic is performed are unaware.
But the black magician thinks that he has arranged for safety,
So he will be safe but this is also a wrong thought.
In fact, the person who performs black magic gets a feeling of guilt, fear, depression, accidents, and some big problems.
And often such people commit suicide.
Similarly, the one who is cast with black magic always faces disease and bad luck in life.
Remember that black magic is like fire and fire is no one’s friend. Now we are going to tell you how black magic casters and people affected by black magic are affected spiritually, socially, and legally.
Negative Karma:
Most religions believe in life after death.
This means that a person will be rewarded for his good or bad deeds after his death. So a person who practices black magic. In it, sometimes the thought of life after death is born,
Which is no less than punishment for him, such thinking is called negative karma.
Similarly, the psychological and emotional life of the one who is cast with black magic is badly affected. That is, fear of death, inferiority complex, and depression are created in it.
According to Newton’s law, every action has a reaction that is equal in force but opposite in direction. The same concept is found in Islam regarding actions. That if someone does good, he gets good in the world and if someone does bad, he has to face evil in the world. In the same way, the sorcerer has to face evil in different ways in the world because of the people for whom he has done bad deeds.
Loss of Control:
During black magic rituals, the sorcerer tries to control supernatural powers.
But in the meantime sometimes the sorcerer himself comes under the control of supernatural powers. Which can cause the sorcerer to suffer bouts of insanity.
He can commit suicide, but if the sorcerer controls the supernatural power, he can prove to be dangerous for everyone.
Isolation and Stigma:
A person who performs black magic must face loneliness and infamy at some point in his life.
The reason for this is that the society does not consider a black the sorcerer as a good person
Whereas black sorcerer believes that they can make anyone their subject. But this misunderstanding is removed when the practitioner of black magic has to live a solitary life away from society due to severe infamy.
Similarly, the person on whom black magic is performed also has to face infamy, disgrace, and loneliness at times.
Legal Consequences:
Black magic is illegal in many countries, and in many religions, severe punishment has been ordered for those who practice black magic.
Therefore, a black sorcerer is a criminal from the legal point of view and legal action can also be taken against him.
Dangerous associations:
Promote Crime and Terrorism for Four Purposes under the Organizations in the World,
Therefore, most of the sorcerers become a part of these organizations and cause the destruction of themselves and innocent people.
Difficulty in releasing:
One who once gets involved in black magic cannot get rid of it for the rest of his life. Often young boys and girls get involved in black magic to acquire supernatural powers. Whereas young boys or girls do not get supernatural powers, but supernatural powers get them and destroy their lives.
Therefore, it is for the same reason that youths become victims of misbehavior. Remember that black magic has spread everywhere through books and the internet.
If a person performs a black magic ritual even in jest, its effects affect many people. Whether our intellect recognizes black magic or not, black magic can harm anyone beyond their intellect. So black magic is not a game and should be avoided. Therefore, every Muslim should make a habit of reciting Ayatul Kursi after every prayer. Ayatul Kursi is the best spiritual protection and with its blessings, every person is protected from black magic, jinn, and enemies. Another powerful process practice for deliverance and protection from black magic is the divine amulet. If a person does not know about his enemy, then he must keep the Divine Amulet in his house as well as with himself. Divine Amulet always protects a person from evil eyes, enemies, black magic, jinn, and all kinds of harm.
Inshallah, you will feel relief in just a few hours.

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