Negative energy wants to settle inside every human being, While negative energy can enter from one person to another only through the evil eye. the evil eye is done through envy, while envy is a negative focus. That is, when a person is jealous of someone, he is actually thinking of someone. In other words, we can also say that he is connected to another person through his thoughts. Therefore, by means of this thought, the negative energy within a person enters the body of another person and becomes the cause of The evil eye.
the evil eye also proves that every human being is connected to other human beings through their good or bad thoughts. Remember that the evil eye is a very mysterious subject about which we have shared our observations on the site Qurani Dua and will continue to share our observations with you in the future.
In this post, we will tell you all the reasons due to why a person becomes a victim of the evil eye.

6 Causes of Evil Eye

6 Causes of Evil Eye<br />
  1. Jealousy
  2. Unexpressed Admire
  3. Much praise
  4. Good Luck
  5. Physical or mental Weakness
  6. Hates

Following are the 6 reasons that can cause the evil eye.
Envy is the feeling of anger at the success, beauty, happiness, and prosperity of another person. Jealousy is considered to be the most important reason for the evil eye.
When a person envies something in the heart, it creates negative energy, And this negative energy flies towards the person who is envied. Therefore, it is quite possible that this negative energy enters the body of another person and becomes the cause of the evil eye.
It should be remembered that the negative energy generated by envy is transmitted to another person through the eyes of the envious person and causes bad feelings and bad luck.
Unexpressed Admire:
In some cultures, it is believed that if a person feels good about something and does not express it, it also creates negative energy and causes the evil eye. In fact, unexpressed admiration is envy, and envy is the cause of contempt.
Much praise:
When a person praises a person or thing too much, all his attention is focused on that person, so in such a case, the negative energy within a person flies toward another person and becomes the cause of the evil eye.
Good Luck :
When a person is a big success, everyone thinks that such a person is lucky. Therefore, this thought of others sometimes becomes a reason for the evil eye. More famous people are more likely to get sick because more people think of famous people.
Physical or mental Weakness:
In some cultures, it is believed that if a person is sick, weak, or infirm, he or she thinks intensely about his or her illness or disability. So when he looks at a healthy person, it causes him to think “I wish I had this blessing too”. Therefore, such a thought of a disabled or sick person can be a reason for the evil eye.
Physical Attractiveness:
In some cultures, it is believed that physical attractiveness can also attract the evil eye. The reason for this is that people admire attractive people more and because of this, people envy them more.
Hates :
When a person strongly hates someone, he is unconsciously thinking of that person, Which he hates. Therefore, this hatred can become the cause of the evil eye for the other person.
We have told you 6 causes of the evil eye. What is common in these 6 causes is human focus and negative thinking. On studying the evil eye in depth, we know that every human being causes more or less harm to someone or the other through their negative thinking. In the blessed hadith, it is ordered to say “Masha Allah” upon seeing every good or beautiful thing so that the other person can be protected from the evil eye. After reading the causes of the evil eye, the question may arise in our mind that there is no person in the world who is spared from the evil eye. So the answer to this question is in the hadith Mubaraka below, The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has said that camels and young people will often go to the grave near the Day of Judgment because of the evil eye.

Treatment Of Evil Eye

Treatment Of Evil Eye

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