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The supplication that is considered to be the best for an increase in sustenance, blessings, and abundance is verse 24 of Surah Qasas. This dua is blessed “Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta Ila Min Khair Faqir”. Every human life revolves around sustenance. Allah has placed sustenance in specific places and things for every human being, Now man reaches this place through his courage and effort, Where Allah has provided sustenance for him. But some people cannot reach this sustenance easily. Such people try and work hard but they always fail due to their bad destiny. We have seen husbands of many sisters who work hard day and night but they are not able to save even a single penny for their children. So in this post, we are telling you such a powerful dua with the blessing of which you will start getting uncountable sustenance easily from all sides. And very soon you will have plenty of money. This dua is blessed “Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta Ila Min Khair Faqir” Therefore, the method of reciting this blessed prayer is listed below.

Dua for Sustenance

Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta Ila Min Khair Faqir

If any brother or sister wants to get uncountable sustenance, wealth and success, and good fortune in every field of life from the presence of Allah, So they should recite verse 24 of Surah Qasas.
Therefore, on Friday after the Isha prayer, you should first recite 10 times Durood,
After that, you should recite 300 times “Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta Ila Min Khair Faqir”
In the end, recite Durood again 10 times.
Continue this spiritual process for 7 days.
Insha Allah, in 7 days, you will start receiving uncountable sustenance from all sides.
With the blessings of this dua, you will get all your needs from the unseen.
Apart from this, you will also get relief from every problem.
Another successful and powerful spiritual process to achieve untold sustenance, money, and success is the Divine Amulet.
Therefore, you should keep the Divine Amulet in your house and keep it with you.
InshAllah, with the blessings of the Divine Amulet, you will start receiving unlimited sustenance, money, and wealth from all sides. With the blessing of the divine Amulet, your luck will be good, due to which you will be successful in every field of life and every exam.
Therefore, for blessings and prosperity in life, keep the divine amulet with you and keep it in your home. 

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