Wazifa for Dushman Ki Barbadi

Wazifa for Dushman Ki Barbadi If your enemy deliberately harms you and causes trouble for you in business, then recite dua and wazifa for protection from harm. The dua for protection from harm is very strong and effective and will change your enemy’s thinking. And, Insha Allah, in the coming future, he will never think of harming you in any way. If your enemy is jealous because you are flourishing

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately Every person in this world holds enmity with someone or the other. The only difference is that some people let it last lifelong while others move ahead in life. If your enemy tortures you and is always after you trying to harm you and hurt you, then you should rather get rid of him. You should make dua to destroy enemy immediately to divert his mind and

Dua For Child Not Eating

Wazifa For Baby Health Kids are very prone to evil eyes and black magic. A number of your times, your child become the victim of someone’s jealousy or bad eyes. And, the very first sign is that they give up eating. If the baby is very small, he/ she will stop drinking milk. You may not be able to find out. You should recite the wazifa for baby health and

Surah For Love Of Husband

Every wife craves for the love of her husband. After the marriage, it is the sheer desire of every wife that her husband gives her love and respect. And, if by any chance, the husband fails to do so, it shatters the wife completely. If you love your husband, but your husband doesn’t love you, then you should recite the surah for love of husband. The surah will create immense

Wazifa To Control Anger Of Wife

Dua To Control Anger Of Wife Very often some husbands suffer at the hands of their wives. They literally bear the short temper and furious nature of their wife. Well, if you also have a rude and angry wife, then it surely takes a lot to tackle it. However, you can definitely ease your situation by reciting the dua to control anger of wife. The dua to control anger of

Dua For Husband Love

Marriage isn’t a one side commitment. A wife knows how to tackle the relationship, but very often the husband fails to keep up the pace. And, because of this many times, there are fights between couples. Dua For Husband Love However, rather than fighting with your husband, you should pray to Allah (SWT) to make your husband love you. All you need to do is recite the dua for husband

Wazifa To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Every couple in love desires to do love marriage. Well, there is nothing bad in it. If you’re in love with someone, then you should definitely marry that person and give your relationship a name. Dua to Convince Parents for Love Marriage However, not all parents are ready to accept your choice. They are sometimes completely against it and want you to leave your lover and marry someone whom they

Zalim Shohar Se Talaq Lene Ki Dua

Har shadi ko kamyab banana me miya biwi dono ki imdad hoti hai. Par kayi baar biwi ki hazar koshisho ke bawjood shohar apni koi jehad nahi dete. Wo apni biwi ko koi tawajjo nahi dete aur unhe na khush rakhte hai. Agar aapke shohar bhi apke sath aisa bartav karte hai to behtar ki aap unse alag ho jaye aur shohar se talaq lene ki dua ko parhe. Is

Shohar Se Divorce Lene Ka Wazifa

Divorce ya talaq zindagi ka bahot bada aur khatarnak faisla hota hain. Islam mein nikah ko bahot pak mana gaya hain par baaz waqt aise halat paida kar deta hain ki talaq lena hi behtar maloom padta hain. Miya biwi ke roz roz ke jhagde, aapas me ittelaaf aur duriyan is rishte ko kharab kar deti hain aur dono ke beech mein duriyan paida ho jati hain. Aap apne shohar

Shohar Ko Talaq Dene ka Wazifa

Shohar Ko Talaq Dene Ke Liye Wazifa Kya aap apni shadi se na khush hain? Ya apke shohar apse bilkul bhi pyar nahi karte? Aur Kya wo apke upar roz zulm karte hain? Talaq ek arbi wird hain aur iska matlab alag hona hota hain. Waise toh kisi ko juda karna gunah hain lekin agar do log aapas mein ek dusre se nakhush hain toh behtar hain ki do log