Dua For Victory Over Enemy

Dua For Victory Over Enemy Your enemies are the ones who cause you trouble and try to put you down in every possible way. They can be your opponents, competitors or even your friends. One must therefore take preventive action before your enemies could break you down. They could harm you or attack you emotionally, financially and psychology. You can do something to gain victory over your enemy before you

Rohani Ilm To Get Husband Back

Surah Amliyat To Get Husband Back Are you suffering with your married life? Is your husband not paying attention towards you? Is your married life disturbed because of your husband’s declined interest towards you? Is your husband not supporting you?  Your husband is finding no interest in you and has left you for another woman. You are heartbroken but you don’t wish to spend your life all alone. If such

Wazifa For Marriage Soon

Wazifa For Marriage Soon Falling in love is easy but taking the relationship to the next level is very difficult. You have to face a lot of obstacles to get married to your soul mate. The hardest part is where you have to convince your parents for marriage especially when it is an inter caste marriage. Not just your parents but your in-laws and relatives also stand in opposition against


Dua For Protection From Enemies Everything seems impossible to achieve especially if you have enemies in your way who try to harm you.  Your enemies could be your colleagues, friends or even your closed relatives. You are unaware of their evil intentions. It is therefore important to seek protection from your enemies for your family. Your enemies are the ones who try to harm you or put you down in

Wazifa To Get Married To Someone You Love

Strong Wazifa To Get Married To Someone You Love Nobody can choose to spend their life with having someone you don’t love. Every person desires to marry a person of their choice. But what if your parents don’t agree for your choice or the same person isn’t ready for commitment yet. You can definitely marry the love of your life by seeking help from Quran Shareef as the Holy Quran

Wazifa To Marry A Specific Person

Wazifa To Marry A Specific Person  Allah (swt) has given full permission to get married to someone you love that is the reason he created Nikah (marriage). The marriage is a purely sacred relation created for the fulfillment of love and support from both the partners. If you love someone and are thinking about marrying them then you can seek help from the Quran and Hadith to culminate the relationship

Wazifa For Husband Love

Is your husband not paying attention to you? Is he finding some other woman attractive? Has he lost interest in you? The Quran Shareef has problems for all your solutions and especially if it is marriage related you can seek help from the Duas and ayatas of Quran. You can recite the wazifa for husband love and respect to make him all yours. It is very common nowadays for husbands to