Wazifa for Enemy

Wazifa for Dushman Ki Barbadi

Wazifa for Dushman Ki Barbadi If your enemy deliberately harms you and causes trouble for you in business, then recite dua and wazifa for protection from harm. The dua for protection from harm is very strong and effective and will change your enemy’s thinking. And, Insha Allah, in the coming future, he will never think of harming you in any way. If your enemy is jealous because you are flourishing

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately Every person in this world holds enmity with someone or the other. The only difference is that some people let it last lifelong while others move ahead in life. If your enemy tortures you and is always after you trying to harm you and hurt you, then you should rather get rid of him. You should make dua to destroy enemy immediately to divert his mind and

Dua For Victory Over Enemy

Dua For Victory Over Enemy Your enemies are the ones who cause you trouble and try to put you down in every possible way. They can be your opponents, competitors or even your friends. One must therefore take preventive action before your enemies could break you down. They could harm you or attack you emotionally, financially and psychology. You can do something to gain victory over your enemy before you


Dua For Protection From Enemies Everything seems impossible to achieve especially if you have enemies in your way who try to harm you.  Your enemies could be your colleagues, friends or even your closed relatives. You are unaware of their evil intentions. It is therefore important to seek protection from your enemies for your family. Your enemies are the ones who try to harm you or put you down in