Wazifa is the way to get spiritual help and through spiritual help, we make the impossible possible. but, remember that spirituality does not work on your or our orders, spirituality works only according to the law made by Allah. Therefore, only if we follow the law of Allah, we will get spiritual help, otherwise, all our efforts will be in vain. In this post, you will get all the spiritual laws that will help you to succeed in Wazifa.

Listen To The Truth

Many men and women in the world do Wazifa, but one percent of them succeed in Wazifa and the rest of them do not succeed in Wazifa despite their hard work.
So in this post you will get the real reasons for failure in wazifa and the right way to get success in wazifa, so read this post with understanding till the end.
Remember that there is a way to do everything in the world and when we do something outside of that way, it will never succeed.
For example, an ax is used to cut wood whereas we will never be able to cut wood with a pin.
Similarly, each wazifa has a special way of doing it. When we do not this wazeefa in this particular way, we will not get success in this wazeefa.
There are numerous Quranic wazeefa on the internet but no method,
Similarly, there are numerous wazeefa in books, but even in books, you will not get the right way to do wazifa.
And because of this, most of the people fail in wazeefa and fall victim to depression, fear and anxiety.
Now the question arises here that what is the right way to do wazifa?

The correct method of wazifa

Actually, the way of doing wazifa and wazifa is different for each individual.

Remember that there are numerous fever medicines in the market, but the doctor can tell you which fever medicine is best for you. Because sometimes generic medicine can cause serious harm to the patient,
For example, paracetamol is the best medicine for the common fever of a normal person, but the same medicine can be fatal for a heart patient.
So the doctor knows better which medicine is best for you.
Similarly, there are countless wazifas on the internet and in books, but which one is for you, a true spiritual expert can tell you?
So the right spiritual expert selects a wazeefa for you keeping in mind your name, temperament, purpose, and 72 spiritual rules and istikhara.
And apart from that during wazeefa, you have to keep in mind many spiritual rules,
The spiritual rules that are observed during wazeefa include special food, clothing, and Special fragrances like mush.
Common people believe that only reciting a certain number of Duas daily will bring success,
But we don’t think so.
Remember that it may take 24 to 48 hours to select the right Wazeefa according to your name and purpose.
Now think for yourself who will leave their personal work and choose the right Wazeefa for you.
Also, most people call themselves spiritual experts, but they are spiritual experts
They don’t know about spirituality, so they just fool people,
And that’s why 99% of people don’t get success in wazeefa,
Remember that no wazeefa is wrong, only our method is wrong.
While the way of doing wazeefa and wazaif is different for each individual.
It is not necessary that in the same wazeefa in which you got success in 7 days, someone else also got success in 7 days.
Therefore, the number of verses recited in wazeefa, the day, food, special fragrance and the time of wazeefa are different for each individual.

Wazaif (wazifa) Of site Quranic Dua

Some wazaif (wazifa) are of such a nature that anyone can do them. While all the wazaif in the site Qurani Dua are such that any individual can perform them. We have published these wazaif on our site in the light of Hadith after fully verifying them. But even to do these wazaif you have to adopt spiritual terms and conditions, otherwise, you will not achieve success.
Most of the wazaif available in books and on the Internet are for specific individuals.
Not all people can do these wazaif (wazifa) because doing such wazaif (wazifa) will not give you success, but most people may suffer from depression and fear after doing such wazaif (wazifa).
In addition, most of the people who publish wazaif (wazifa) in books and on the Internet do not know the reality of wazaif (wazifa).
And because of this, most of the people fail in their aim.
Remember that the knowledge of wazaif (wazifa) is like an ocean and not everyone can know the depth of this ocean
So start the Wazifa after getting the knowledge about the right choice of Wazifa, the right method, and the right conditions. We have often seen people who do not pray but do wazifa. In fact, failure is written in the destiny of such people.

Correct purpose and Wazifa

Remember that spirituality is the law of Allah and it works according to the order of Allah. Therefore, if your aim is legitimate, you will get spiritual help, otherwise your efforts are in vain. Allah runs the system of the universe according to His will, to whom to give what and to whom not to give, this is Allah’s decision, Nothing will happen whether we or you like it or not. Therefore, if your goal is correct and according to Islamic injunctions, then you will definitely achieve your goal through the wazeefa.

Nature of Wazifa

Remember that when we change ourselves according to the nature of wazeefa, we will be successful in wazifa.
But if we want the wazeefa to change according to us, it is not possible.
wazeefa and spirituality are laws of Allah that will not change for us, but, we have to change oursef for them.
Changing ourselves means that we have to make every habit of conforming to Islamic injunctions.
That is, we have to use very simple food and simple clothes.
One has to avoid smelly items and haram food.
We have to control our tongues and anger
Apart from this, we have to avoid lying, backbiting, envy, abuse, and ill will.
Observance of prayer is the most important.
It is necessary to give charity to the deserving during the wazeefa,
while giving charity to the undeserving people ends the spiritual blessings of the Wazaif.

Use of Natural Fragrance During Wazifa

Use of Natural Fragrance During Wazifa

Natural fragrance is the food of spirituality and a different natural fragrance is used for each wazifa.
Due to the natural fragrance, the demons are away from the person, and the spirituality is attracted to that person.
Commonly used fragrances during wazifa are frankincense, sandalwood, musk, saffron, and rose.
But a spiritual expert can tell you which fragrances you will use during wazeefa.
Some people think that ordinary perfume from the market can be used in wazeefa, but we don’t think so.
After understanding the information we have provided you about wazeefa, most people will change their intention to do wazeefa, and this is true.
It should be remembered that success does not come easily to anyone, and if everyone succeeds in scholarship easily, then no one in the world would be worried today.
Apart from this, if every person in the world gets his every wish, then due to this the world system will be destroyed in a few days.
Therefore, to maintain balance in the world system, Allah has created difficulties in every success of man so that only the deserving get success.
This is the reason why it is not easy to succeed in wazifa, but those who deserve it definitely get this success.


Remember that choosing a wazifa, doing a wazifa, and succeeding in a wazeefa is not easy. But if a person achieves success in just one wazifa in his life, then because of that he can make every impossible task in his life possible.
And apart from that, the Wazifa benefits the individual more than the individual’s thoughts throughout his life.
So if you want to bring happiness and success in your life by getting success in wazeefa, then you have to follow all the things that we have told you earlier.
Apart from this, all tantamount to self-deception
Therefore, in ancient times, many people did not get success in scholarship due to one or the other reason
Therefore, keeping this failure in mind, the spiritual elders looked for a way to get spiritual help through the Qur’anic Amulet.
Which you will get from our site in the form of the divine Amulet.