“Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” is a Quranic Dua which is verse 10 of Surah Qamar. This Quranic Dua is the spiritual solution to every problem of every Muslim. And this prayer has the power to change destiny. To change the failures of life into successes, to get profession and love, the Wazifa of “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” is best. So in this post we will tell you how to recite “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” and its benefits. The spiritual blessings of “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” are revealed very quickly. So read this article till the end to know the correct way of reciting this dua and its spiritual blessings.

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir in Arabic

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir in Arabic<br />

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir Meaning

O my Lord, I am defeated, so help me

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir Which Surah

This Dua is verse 10 of Surah Qamar and Surah Qamar is in Parah 27.

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir Dua

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir Dua

“Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” is an ancient prayer and through this blessed prayer, every Muslim can bring success and prosperity in his life.
This prayer has miraculous spiritual effects and since ancient times people have been easing their difficulties through this blessed prayer and even today countless people in the world recite “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir”.
Therefore, for ease of your every difficulty, you should first read Durood Sharif 10 times after the Isha prayer.
After that, recite “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” 700 times.
In the end, Recite Darood 10 times again and close this spiritual process.
You should continue the mentioned spiritual process for 7 days.
Insha Allah, in 7 days you will get rid of all your problems.
It should be remembered that after performing the mentioned spiritual practice, you must make a habit of reciting Durood 10 times and “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” 70 times daily so that you do not face any kind of problem again.
Below are the details of the benefits you will get after doing the spiritual practice of “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir”.

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir Benefits

Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir Benefits

“Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir” is the cure for failure and defeat. Therefore, if you are facing failure in every field of life and you are losing courage, then in such a case, you can get the unseen help of Allah through “Rabbi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir”. And with the blessing of this prayer, Allah’s unseen help is obtained, which is witnessed by thousands of people.
Following are some of the blessings of this blessed prayer.
Unseen success will be achieved in every field of life.
You will win over your enemies.
Your enemies will be automatically subdued.
Sustenance will be abundant.
Prosperity, blessings, and peace will be created in the house.
Business will start developing.
You will get rid of black magic, jinn, and evil eye forever.
Your life, children, wealth, and home will be under the protection of Allah.
Every obstacle in marriage and relationship will be removed.
Love will arise between husband and wife.
You will start getting all your needs from the unseen.
You will get relief from the present problems and you will not face any problems in the future life.

Miraculous Amulet for Success

Miraculous Amulet for Success

Another mysterious Quranic process to achieve success in life, money, freedom from trouble, love, and good fortune is the divine amulet.
Divine Amulet is written with special verses of the Qur’an and with this blessing, every failure of an individual turns into success.
Divine Amulet is the best spiritual protection,
due to this, a person’s life, property, husband, children, honor, home, business, and job are protected.
That is, with the blessing of the Divine Amulet, the person is not affected by jealousy, envy, black magic, jinn, and witches, and the person is also protected from the losses and accidents of life.
With the blessing of the divine amulet, the person’s luck becomes good, and due to good luck, the person gets success, money, honor, and love in every field of life.
Apart from this, with the blessing of the divine amulet, the individual gets spiritual help due to which every impossible task of the individual becomes possible soon.
Therefore, for a successful life, keep the divine amulet with you and keep it in your home.
So keep the Divine Amulet in your home and keep it with you to get blessings, success, and good luck soon. Insha Allah, your life will change soon.

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