There are many prayers to remove every hindrance to marriage, Among such Qur’anic Dua, a special Dua is “Hasbunallah Wanimal Wakil”. Behind the Interruption of marriage is someone who does not want your marriage to take place somewhere. If someone has created an obstacle in your marriage through black magic, then this obstacle will not be removed soon. Apart from this, the marriage of some girls can also be hindered due to the evil eye. If the evil eye is minor, the marriage takes place after a few obstacles.
However, a strict evil eye brings severe obstacles to marriage. Sometimes it also happens that in the presence of black magic and the evil eye, girls get married without any hindrance.
But such marriages are not successful.
According to some spiritual experts, if the closure is not treated, it becomes a cause of serious problems after marriage. Closure brings severe disruptions in marriage and life, while Nazarbad and black magic are the cause of Closure.
So in this post, we are going to tell you a prayer to remove every hindrance to marriage,
Apart from this, in this post, we will also tell you the disadvantages of the Interruption of marriage and its reasons.
If you are worried because of any obstacle in your marriage then this post has the solution for your problem, so read this post till the end.

Disadvantages of Interruption of Marriage

Disadvantages of Interruption of Marriage

Due to the Interruption of marriage, the individual faces severe losses before marriage and after marriage.
If a person is suffering from an Interruption of marriage then due to this there can be serious and continuous interruptions in his marriage.
If a person is a victim of an Interruption of marriage, in such a case, if he gets married, then this person may face 10 losses after marriage. These 10 disadvantages are as follows.
A person can not get married because of the Closure of the Marriage,
If a person gets married, this marriage is not successful
Women get divorced very quickly.
Hatred arises between husband and wife.
Women do not get respect from in-laws.
The individual starts facing the problem of sustenance.
The husband falls victim to the love of non-women.
The husband can marry another woman
Husband and wife face accidents and deceptions.
Husband and wife always face bad fate.
Husband and wife often face illness.
If any of the brothers or sisters are suffering from an Interruption of marriage then they constantly face severe problems before and after marriage.
Therefore, in such a case, you can bring peace to your life with “Hasbunallah Wanimal Wakil”. The method of reciting this Dua is given below.

Causes for Interruption of Marriage

Causes for Interruption of Marriage<br />

There can be 7 reasons for the Closure of Marriage. Usually, the reason for the Closure of Marriage is those people who are not happy with your marriage.
So those who are angry with you or your parents can use black magic to Interruption of Marriage.
Blockage caused by black magic is not easily removed.
Another important reason for the closure of marriage is the evil eye.
Therefore, some girls start facing severe obstacles in marriage due to the evil eye.
Due to infamy, a person may face obstacles in marriage.
Due to complicated illness, a person may face obstacles in marriage.
A person may face obstacles in marriage due to physical disability or obesity.
Older boys and girls face problems in marriage.
Due to facial color and short stature, some people face obstacles in marriage.
Remember that when a girl or boy becomes a victim of the evil eye,
Due to this, people start seeing small flaws in them.
Due to this, they start facing problems regarding marriage.
Therefore, girls and boys who are safe from the evil eye do not face any kind of hindrance in marriage.
We have given you a prayer below to avoid every hindrance of marriage.

Dua for Interruption of Marriage

Hasbunallah Wanimal Wakil

The best Dua for getting rid of every hindrance in marriage is “Hasbunallah Wanimal Wakil”. Therefore, to get rid of every problem of marriage, after the Isha prayer, recite Darood 10-10 times in the beginning and the end, and in between recite “Hasbunallah Wanimal Wakil” 370 times. You have to start this Quranic process on Friday and you have to continue this process for 14 days. Insha Allah, in 14 days you will get rid of all obstacles of marriage. Before and after starting this Quranic process, you must feed a poor person. This Quranic process will remove the most severe obstacles to your marriage.

Amulet for Deliverance from The Interruption of Marriage

The second most ancient and powerful spiritual process to remove every hindrance to marriage is the Divine Amulet. With the blessing of the divine amulet, girls and boys get rid of every hindrance to marriage in 7 days. The reason for the interruption in the marriage can be jealousy, the evil eye, and black magic. If the obstacles in your marriage are not going away despite hard efforts, then you are a victim of the evil eye, jealousy, or black magic.
Therefore, you will not get rid of the hindrance of marriage until you get rid of the evil eye, jealousy, or black magic. The best cure for the evil eye, jealousy, black magic, and enemies is the divine amulet. Divine Amulet will immediately remove the effects of black magic and the evil eye from your body and home, due to which obstacles in your marriage will be removed.
If a girl or a boy wants to love marriage, then it is also possible with the divine amulet. Therefore, you should also keep the divine amulet with you and keep it in your home. Insha Allah, soon you will get rid of all obstacles of marriage.

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