There is negative energy spread all around our universe which is constantly affecting the human being. Negative energy can severely damage a person’s thinking, success, and luck.
Most of the negative energy is found in bars, gambling houses, old houses, old trees, deserted roads, and impure places. Many people in the world have a lot of negative energy and by sitting next to such people and shaking hands with them, the negative energy in them can be transferred to you.
There is a system created by Allah in man that protects him from all kinds of negative energy.
But sometimes, due to some mistake or sin of the individual, this system becomes weak due to which numerous evil influences and negative energies affect the individual.
Negative energy does not allow a person to realize its presence,
But no human being can deny its presence and damage.
Remember that negative energy destroys the Good luck and happiness of life.
Therefore, it is very important to avoid negative energy.
Negative energy can be avoided only through prayer.
So in this post, we are telling you a Quranic prayer with the blessing of which you can always be protected from negative energy.

Hidden Signs of Negative Energy

Negative energy can be recognized only based on its symptoms. Therefore, the following symptoms may appear in a person due to being affected by negative energy.
Due to negative energy, a person often feels anxious, nervous, and suffocated.
The individual becomes a victim of an inferiority complex. Individuals cannot compete for success
The power to work does not reside in the individual,
The person becomes a victim of extreme despair and depression.
If a person gets any disease, he will not get cured soon.
The person does not want to talk to anyone.
A person hates his wife.
A person cannot tolerate the noise of his children
A person feels fear.
A person thinks that someone is there, but in reality, there is no one.
The person gets the disease of illusion and doubt.
A person often feels pain in the middle of his arm and chest.
One finds peace in solitude
A person has the habit of finding fault in others.
It should be remembered that if one person in the house is suffering from negative energy, it means that in a few days, all the people in that house will be suffering from negative energy in every situation.
Negative energy opens the door of trouble, trouble, and sorrow to man forever
And in a few days, it happens that the person is not able to recover from it despite his immense efforts.
If you have 5 of the mentioned symptoms, then you are suffering from negative energy
Therefore, without delay, you should pay attention to your proper spiritual treatment.

Negative Energy Losses

Negative energy is like a virus that slowly spreads inside a person and destroys his thinking, social, and marital life.
A person affected by negative energy harms himself due to negative energy.
Negative energy is behind every wrong decision of a human being.
Negative energy causes many harms to a person and among these harms, some of the worst harms are listed below.
Due to negative energy, a person may suffer a serious accident.
Due to negative energy, a person may abuse his wife and children,
Negative energy can destroy a house.
Negative energy brings restlessness to the house.
A husband may divorce his wife due to negative energy
Negative energy causes incurable diseases in a person.
Insomnia, depression, mental anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, and use of drugs are due to negative energy.
Negative energy can cause all kinds of harm to a person.
People who ignore negative energy are forever deprived of peace in their lives.
Negative energy can bring a storm of problems and diseases in everyone’s life.
Negative energy can be avoided only through prayer.
So below we have described the prayer for deliverance and protection from negative energy.

Dua for Negative Energy

Hasbunallah Wanimal Wakil

The most effective supplication for healing from negative energy and being safe from it is “Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel”. Therefore, for healing and protection from negative energy, after performing the Isha prayer, recite 10 times Durood and 100 times “Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel”. Continue this Quranic process for 14 days. Insha Allah, in 14 days you will get rid of negative energy, evil eye, and black magic forever.
Another powerful Quranic practice for healing and protection from negative energy is the Divine Amulet. Therefore, for immediate relief from negative energy, evil eye, black magic, and all kinds of evil effects, you should keep the Divine Amulet in your house and keep it with you. InshAllah, with the blessing of the Divine Amulet, all negative effects from your body and home will be removed forever and immediately. And you will be protected from negative energy in the future life. 

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