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Black magic is a term that has been used for centuries and its meaning has changed over time. In ancient times, it was believed that black magic was practiced only by those associated with Satan . And Satan is worshiped through it. In the Middle Ages, black magic was considered a threat to Christianity, due to which many people who practiced black magic were harmed.
In modern times, black magic is associated with superstition. In short, black magic is a negative energy through which a person’s life, wealth, children, honor and health are damaged. Now the question arises that is black magic in reality or is it just a myth?

Is Black Magic Real

For a Muslim, there can be no greater truth than Islam. Therefore, there are clear orders on the presence of magic in the Qur’an and Hadith. Therefore black magic cannot be denied as a Muslim. There are many things in our world that our intellect does not recognize and in such things there is also black magic. If we accept that anything that does not come to human understanding should be rejected, it means that we also reject Satan, jinn, and angels.
Because devils, giants and angels are also beyond human understanding. Actually, black magic comes into the mind of a person when black magic attacks someone.
Black magic is basically a supernatural demonic power used for love, hate and destruction.
Many people in the world are victims of black magic more or less. Due to black magic, the patient emits a certain negative energy from his body due to which the nearby people are also affected. So, if you are a victim of black magic, you should keep Surah Naas Amulet in your house and keep it with you. If you need more guidance regarding black magic, then you can visit the rest of the Quranic Dua articles or contact our team.

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