Dua for Anxiety ?
In this post, we will tell you the anxiety dua to get rid of anxiety. Apart from this, you will also get details about the symptoms of anxiety and its real reasons in this post. If you are suffering from anxiety then this post contains the secret of your healing so read this post till the end. When a person sees an accident or hears very bad news, then his heart starts beating very fast and he starts feeling anxious and confused. This condition of the individual is called anxiety. Apart from this, if there is any disease in the body of the individual, then Allah has created a system in man for the awareness of this disease so that man can save himself from danger. This system informs us that there is a danger by giving us anxiety. Anxiety in times of danger is normal and not a disease, but having too much anxiety is also a risk, from here the main topic of our article begins. thats Why does a person has anxiety for no reason and what is the correct treatment for it? So we will try to provide you with the details keeping in mind the medical and spiritual views.

Anxiety and Medical Theories

According to medical theories, anxiety can be due to severe weakness of the nervous system.
At the age of 40, the nervous system of every person starts to weaken, so after 40 years, most people may suffer from anxiety. Anxiety affects more women than men. Apart from this, due to high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease, a person gets anxious.
Apart from this, the person may suffer from anxiety due to the high amount of urea in the blood due to low urine output.

Anxiety And Spiritual Theories

If a brother or sister is not getting relief from anxiety, then according to spiritual experts, such people are victims of negative energy or evil eyes. In fact, when a person is a victim of evil eyes, black magic, and negative energy, the main symptoms are manifested in the patient in the form of anxiety, panic, headache, and fear. If the mentioned 4 symptoms are present in the patient, then he is suffering from black magic or demonic influences. Therefore, such a person will get relief from anxiety only through the prayer of anxiety, the method of which we have listed below.

Dua for Anxiety In Arabic

Dua for Anxiety In Arabic

Dua for Anxiety

The Dua for Anxiety is Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim. Therefore, after the Isha prayer, read 100 times Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim. By continuing this spiritual process for 7 days, you will get relief from anxiety. Apart from this, when you feel anxious, during this time you should say Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim innumerable times. Insha Allah, soon you will get relief from anxiety. If you are not getting relief from anxiety despite all kinds of treatment, then you should get the Divine Amulet from our team and wear it around your neck. InshAllah, with the blessing of Divine Amulet, you will get relief from all kinds of bad effects, and due to this, you will get relief from anxiety.

Anxiety Symptoms

Whether the cause of anxiety is medical or spiritual, in both cases, the patient shows more or less the same symptoms of anxiety, which are as follows.
During anxiety, the patient’s breath becomes puffy and he starts breathing rapidly. A patient with anxiety also gets chest pain during anxiety and his heart rate becomes much faster than before.
The patient may become very fearful
Often times during anxiety the patient gets shivers.
During anxiety, most of the patients also faint.
So drink water in case of the mentioned symptoms,
And start reciting Salamun Qaulam Mir Rabbir Rahim.
If your physical condition is not good, contact the doctor and wear a divine amulet around your neck. So that you get well soon. Divine Amulet becomes the cause of healing for you by removing every cause of anxiety and worry. Apart from this, the Divine Amulet is also important for getting rid of blood pressure, depression, and all kinds of bad effects.

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