Any person having pain in the whole head or face is a headache. It is a common disease that can cause trouble for any man, woman, or child at any age. In this post, we will tell you the real causes of headaches and their spiritual cure. Dua for the spiritual cure of Hasbunallahu Wa ni mal Wakeel. With the blessing of this dua, you will get relief from chronic headaches forever.
Hasbunallahu wa ni mal wakeel is an ancient and excellent spiritual remedy for headaches that cures a person from headaches within a short period of time. Therefore, if a person is not cured of a headache despite all kinds of treatment, then he should adopt a dua for headaches. Insha Allah, you will get relief from headaches forever.

Dua For Headache in Arabic

Dua For Headache in Arabic

Medical Causes of Headache

Medical Causes of Headache<br />

From a medical point of view, headaches can have the following causes.
The stress
Blood pressure
Eye problem
Stomach inflammation
Having gas in the stomach
Continual consumption of poor diet
Due to the 8 causes of the statement, a person may get a headache.
But what is the reason for these 8 reasons?
At most, we can say that the 8 reasons mentioned are caused by poor diet.
But there are some people who have not used bad food in their lives but still have depression, stress, headaches, and migraines.
But there are some people who have not used bad food in their lives but still have depression, stress, headaches, and migraines.
Despite this, they get headaches and do not even get cured.
Here, medical science says that such diseases are transmitted from parents to children.
That is, the cause of such diseases is genetic.
According to spirituality, if you are not getting healing from a headache, it may be due to negative energy. That is, you have to meet some person who is prone to evil eyes and negative energy So in such a case you may also suffer from negative energy and negativity
Due to this, you may get headaches, Anxiety, and migraines. Remember that the person because of whom you are a victim of Evil Eye, the disease that such a person will get can also get you. Apart from this, the first major symptoms of black magic and evil eyes are headaches and migraines. If a brother or sister is not getting relief from a headache despite taking medicine, then he/she is suffering from bad energy and evil eyes. So now he can get healing only through headache dua. We have listed below the details of how you will get relief from headaches through headache dua.

Dua For Headache Relief

Dua For Headache in Quran<br />

We have described the Dua for headache in Arabic earlier. Remember this prayer, and when you have a headache, you should perform ablution at the same time, In this state, you should write Muhammad in Arabic on your forehead with your index finger, and after that, you should keep reciting Hasbunallahu wa ni mal wakeel. Insha Allah, you will get relief from headache in some time.
Do this when you have a headache. Remember that whatever the cause of your headache, you can get relief from the headache forever with the blessing of headache dua.
If you do not benefit from the mentioned dua, then you should wear the divine amulet around your neck. Divine Amulet is Quranic, the reason for which will be the destruction of the evil eye, black magic, and all kinds of evil effects from your body. And because of this, the person gets cured quickly. Divine Amulet is the best spiritual remedy and protection for all types of headaches. 

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