The husband’s bad behavior is a cause of trouble for every wife. So in this post, you will get a dua with the blessing of which you will be able to end the bad behavior, cruelty, and bad habits of your husband forever. This dua is Ayat e Karima, which is the dua of Hazrat Yunus. Every problem existing between husband and wife will be solved soon through Ayat e Karima. But before reciting Ayat e Karima, you should know all the reasons why a husband acts cruelly and badly towards his wife.

Reason for Husband’s Bad Behavior and Cruel

Generally, a husband does not behave cruelly and badly towards his wife but due to some reasons, some husbands get very angry with their wives, and because of this intense anger, he starts to behave cruelly and badly with his wife. It should be remembered that in the USA, UK, and Canada many Muslim husbands and wives divorce in the first year of marriage due to their bad behavior.
There can be 6 reasons for a husband’s bad behavior with his wife which are listed below.

  • Husband’s love for another woman
  • In-laws disliking daughter-in-law
  • Deprivation of children
  • Wife not being beautiful
  • Husband being mentally ill
  • Black magic and detention

Often husbands start falling in love with another woman and because of this love, they start seeing thousands of faults in their wives. Therefore, due to the love of a non-woman, the husband is not able to give love to his wife, but with time, he starts hating his wife, while the husband’s hatred becomes a reason for cruelty and bad behavior toward the wife.
Similarly, after a few months of marriage, the in-laws start looking for faults in their daughter-in-law, and if during this time the daughter-in-law is not pregnant or the daughter-in-law does not give birth to a son, the in-laws start raining accusations on the daughter-in-law. Therefore, the husband starts to distance himself from his wife because of the in-laws and daughters-in-law’s misunderstanding.
Similarly, if a woman is not beautiful or she is less educated, then for this reason also the husband considers his wife as a mere slave.
Sometimes a husband becomes mentally ill due to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, or business loss and a mentally ill person does not care about love and relationships.
Remember that we have told you 4 reasons why a husband becomes cruel to his wife, but the real reason behind these 4 reasons is the evil eye and black magic.
That is, due to black magic the wife has to face all kinds of cruelty, bad behavior, hatred, and trouble from the husband. Due to the irrationality of black magic and the evil eye, no one easily admits this reason, but the Qur’an and Hadith have explained the existence of black magic, the evil eye, and their disadvantages. Therefore, no Muslim can deny the hadith.
You can do Istikhara or contact our team to identify Nazar and black magic. The cruelty and bad behavior of the husband can be eliminated through Ayat e Kareema, the details of which are given below.

Dua for Husband’s Bad Behavior

If the husband’s behavior towards his wife is bad, then to end the bad behavior of the husband, you should recite Durood Ibrahimi 10 times and 300 times Ayat e Karima after Isha prayer daily. You should continue this wazifa for 14 days. Insha Allah, in 14 days the husband’s bad behavior will turn into love. If you do not benefit in 14 days, then you should use the divine amulet.

Dua for Cruel Husband

Dua for Cruel Husband

If the husband oppresses his wife, it means that the relationship between husband and wife may end very soon. Therefore, instead of ending the relationship, the reason for which the husband oppresses and tortures his wife should be eliminated. Due to many reasons, a husband abuses his wife and among such reasons, the main reasons can be doubt, illusion, and financial problems, while such problems can be removed through Ayat e Karima. Therefore, if the husband does any kind of injustice to his wife, then to get rid of this injustice, after the Fajr prayer, you should stand facing the Qiblah and recite Ayat e Karima 70 times, and do this spiritual process for 14 days. Insha Allah, you will soon get rid of your husband’s cruelty forever. If you do not get the benefit in 14 days, then you should use the Divine Amulet.

 Divine Amulet for Husband’s Bad Behavior and Cruel

If a wife has made every effort to end the cruelty and bad behavior of her husband, but despite this, the husband is not coming on the right path, it means that the husband has become a victim of the chronic evil eye or black magic. Therefore, until the husband is freed from the evil eye and black magic, he will not stop cruelty. Therefore, through divine help, a wife can protect her husband from the evil eye, black magic, jealousy, and the enemy’s plot. Due to the divine amulet, the husband’s behavior towards his wife becomes correct and soon the husband’s hatred turns into love. With the blessing of divine amulet, the husband starts giving importance to his wife and he always obeys everything his wife says. Therefore, every wife needs to keep the divine amulet in her house.

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