I am a spiritual expert, I know how to control migraine. In this post, you will get a spiritual remedy that will help you control migraines in 3 days. This remedy for migraine control is the culmination of my 20 years of hard work, and in 20 years I understood the spiritual treatment method by which ancient Muslim elders used to control migraine.
If you understand my few words, you can be able to control a terrible disease like migraine in just 3 days. The method I am showing you to control migraines is a spiritual method of treatment. You may not believe in spiritual healing, but we will definitely tell you that when all kinds of medicine fail to benefit you, then definitely adopt this method of treatment, Insha Allah, you will not have problems with migraine for many years. You will understand my 20 years of hard work when you understand and use my remedy.
But before that, you need to know the true reality of spiritual healing, Therefore, first of all, understand our words according to medical science, psychology, and Islamic beliefs and then act on them. Insha Allah, you will be healed soon and surely.
What is spiritual Healing?
Some people misunderstand spiritual treatment. In fact, when a common man does not understand something, he considers it ignorance. While he is unaware of the logic behind this ignorance. For example, until man did not know about electricity, electricity was just ignorance for man. But when man understood the reality of Bachli, electricity became 90% of man’s need.
In the same way, unless a person knows the hidden wisdom behind spiritual treatment, spiritual treatment will be ignorance for him. Most of the ancient Muslim spiritualists kept the hidden wisdom behind spiritual healing a secret because according to them some things must be kept secret. So after knowing the secret behind spiritual healing, you will be sure that migraine can be controlled for a long time through spiritual healing. And this secret you will get in our post. So first of all you should understand the reality of spiritual treatment and after that, we will tell you the spiritual treatment by which you will be able to control migraine yourself.


It should be remembered that spirituality is a combination of science, psychology, and Islamic orders, which begins with the belief, Therefore, the ancient spiritual experts said that using the power of belief by activating it is called spiritual therapy.
“believe” creates a special kind of energy in a person and because of this energy, the power to fight disease and overcome difficulties is created in a person.
Today, we call this special energy immunity, while some people call it spiritual power.
Whether we use the word “spiritual power” or “immunity“, these both are a part of “believe” and “believe” always has a special impact on the life of every human being.
Example: For example, if a person who is afraid of the dark is convinced that there is nothing in the dark, he can sleep peacefully.

sleep peacefully

Similarly, if a common man believes that there is a ghost in the dark, he will not be able to sleep because of the belief in the presence of the ghost.

belief in the presence of the ghost

Whether the “believe” is true or not, it has negative and positive effects on the life of the individual.
Remember that if a Muslim believes in Allah, this belief has positive effects on his life,
In the same way, when a Muslim believes that Allah does not hear his prayers, then due to this “negative believe”, negative effects on the life of the individual begin.
Ancient Muslim spiritualists recognized the effects of “believe”, so by mobilizing the power of that “believe”, they controlled many incurable diseases,
and among such incurable diseases was a migraine which was very easily controlled by spiritual treatment.
Now the question arises how was the power of “believe”, mobilized and used against migraine in ancient times?

The Reality of Healing Through The Power of “Believe”

Reality of Healing

The answer to this question is hidden in human genes. Just as migraine can be passed from parents to their children, similarly our “believes” uncertainty, loves, hates, likes and dislikes, and habits are passed from parents to children through genes. Our blood also contains the genes of our ancestors who passed away one hundred thousand years ago.
It means that we can develop those habits which were the habits of our ancestors. Therefore, if our forefathers believed in a particular thing, that “believes” is also present in our blood. Now whether that “believes” is visible or hidden in our daily life is different.

forefathers believed in a particular thing

If a white child is born to black parents, it means that some of their ancestors were white. Meaning, color, habits, “believes” and “beauty” are transferred to future generations through genes. In ancient times, our elders had the most “believe” in Prophet Islam.

future generations through genes

Therefore, when the Prophet of Islam said that there was a cure for every disease except death in Surah Fatiha, then the elders of that time started to blow the patients by reciting this blessed Surah.
Now consider here that the elderly person who is reciting Surah Fatiha believes in the spiritual blessings of Surah Fatiha and the patient who is listening to Surah Fatiha also believes in the effects of Surah Fatiha.
Therefore, this belief became the means of healing the patient. This belief in Surah Fatiha was passed down from generation to generation through genes and today the belief in the spiritual blessings of Surah Fatiha is also present in our blood.
Most of us Muslims do not know the hadith regarding Surah Fatiha, but this hadith and belief in this hadith are in our blood in the form of genes and these genes are our ancestors.

hadith regarding Surah Fatiha

Therefore, today, the person who recites Surah Fatiha in a specific way and blows on the patient, because of this, our brain receives special signals and because of these special signals, the belief within us is unconsciously stimulated which we have from our ancestors. Therefore, this belief creates a special energy within the patient and this special energy becomes the cause of healing for the individual. It is hoped that with the help of the described details, you will have understood the spiritual
science behind spiritual healing. Now let’s know the details of how the elders in ancient times controlled migraine by reciting Surah Fatiha.
Cure Migraine with Surah Fatiha:
Many of us people are the descendants of the Companions of the Prophet. Therefore, all the Companions believed in the spiritual blessings of Surah Fatiha and that belief is also present in us in the form of genes. Now if we manage to activate the power of “believe” hidden in our genes, we can defeat migraine.

spiritual blessings of Surah Fatiha

Therefore, the spiritual code to activate this “believe” is only Surah Fatiha. so, in the morning, when the sun is rising, at that time, you should write “Allah” in Arabic once with your index finger on the patient’s forehead. After that, place your right hand on the part of the patient’s head where the patient is having pain. In this position, you should recite Surah Fatiha 7 times and blow it on the forehead of the patient. Do this spiritual process for 3 days.
Insha Allah, the patient’s migraine will be controlled In 3 days. As we have found the spiritual process of Surah Fatiha, we have told you in the same way, and due to following this method, countless people have got relief from migraine. The purpose of this post of ours is to revive the power within you because the best doctor in the world is hidden within you. So we have told you how to wake up this sleeping doctor and this is the real spiritual cure.

Advice for Migraine Patients

It should be remembered that in ancient times there was no air pollution and people used natural food, but today it is not like that, due to which it is not easy to control migraine.

100 long breaths in the morning

So you should take at least 100 long breaths in the morning because we have observed that oxygen reduces the intensity of migraines.

7 liters of water

Also, drink at least 7 liters of water from Fajr to Maghrib. It should be remembered that 30% of patients reduce the severity of migraine due to breathing exercises and drinking more water.

 you must make a habit of walking.

Apart from this, you must make a habit of walking. The most important thing for a migraine patient is to avoid rice, market food, cold drinks, and bakery products.

you should add fennel to the tea

Apart from this, you should add fennel to the tea while making the tea and drink this tea at least 2 times a day. By following the mentioned precautions and spiritual remedies, your pain intensity will decrease in 3 days and you will be cured of migraine problems for a long time. 70% of people can control migraine by using the mentioned treatment methods. And if your concern is not reduced in this regard, then you can contact me on WhatsApp. Insha
Allah, you will be fully guided.

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