It is common for husband and wife to have disagreements after marriage. There can be many reasons for differences between husband and wife, but the most important reason for differences between husband and wife is believed to be other women. Therefore, it is believed that due to the love of another woman, storms of restlessness start coming in the married life of the husband and wife. A wife does not tolerate that her husband loves another woman. Similarly, a wife cannot bear that another woman loves her husband. Therefore, when another woman comes between the husband and wife, a wall of suspicion, exclusion, deception, and hatred is erected between the husband and wife.
The result of which often comes in the form of divorce. When a husband loves another woman despite being married, there can be 3 reasons. So these three reasons and their cures you will get in this post.

Reasons for second woman to come between husband and wife

There can be 3 reasons for a second woman coming between husband and wife. Keeping these reasons in mind, if you try to remove the problem, you will surely get success. These reasons are as follows.

  1. Evil Eye
  2. Black Magic
  3. Misunderstanding

Evil Eye

According to spirituality, for 7 years of marriage, the husband and wife are at risk of divorce. Therefore, because of the evil eye, the husband starts getting attracted towards other women and it is quite possible that other women also get attracted towards your husband. Therefore, due to the evil eye, the husband can have an illicit relationship with a non-woman and such an illicit relationship does not end easily, and even if such a relationship ends, after that the husband starts his illicit relationship with another non-woman, Or a non-woman will have an illicit relationship with your husband. And this series continues and often divorce happens between husband and wife due to this reason. If the husband has an illicit relationship with a non-woman because of the evil eye, then the remedy is in “wa alqaitu alaika mahabbatan mini”. The method of recitation is given at the end. Where the question arises is how do we find out whether the husband is a victim of the evil eye or not? The answer to this question is in the 5 signs below.

Whether the husband is under The Evil Eye or not

If the following 5 symptoms are present in your husband, it means that your husband has become a victim of the evil eye.

  • Husband is silent most of the time.
  • slight pain in your husband’s head or arm.
  • Your husband feels restless
  • A husband quarrels with his wife over trivial matters.
  • Husband’s stubbornness is increasing.

In case of showing the 5 mentioned symptoms, you should treat your husband carefully and gently. Apart from this, you should also recite the dua given at the end so that your husband can get rid of the love of a non-woman and the evil eye.

Black Magic

Women who suffer from the chronic evil eye during puberty, such women have a strong attraction toward married men. Such women become extremely obstinate and ill-mannered,
So they can also do black magic on a person to get them. If a husband is affected by black magic, then the relationship between husband and wife can end at any time due to this.
So you should first confirm whether your husband is suffering from black magic or not. To detect black magic you can get help from the below app. Apart from this, recite the dua given at the end. Inshallah, soon your husband will be freed from black magic and end all his illicit relationships.


Some less intelligent women doubt their husbands to get their attention. So due to constant suspicion sometimes the husband starts to stay away from them, Due to this, they get the wrong understanding that their husband has an illicit relationship with another woman. Such a misunderstanding weakens the relationship between husband and wife, Sometimes such Misunderstanding ends the relationship of husband and wife forever. So one should try to ignore the trivial matters so that no major problem arises between husband and wife. In addition, if a woman wants to end her husband’s anger, misunderstanding, and hatred, then recite the dua given at the end for her. Insha Allah, every problem between husband and wife will end soon.

Dua To Keep The Other Woman Away from Your Husband

Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni

If a sister is worried because of her husband’s illicit relationship with a woman, then it is preferable to recite “Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni” to end this illicit relationship. Therefore, on Friday, after the Isha prayer, recite 10-10 times in the beginning and the end And in the middle, you recite 300 times “Wa Alqaitu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni”. Do this process for 7 days. Insha Allah, in 7 days you will get rid of every woman who has an illicit relationship with your husband.

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