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In this post, you will get a Quranic Dua with the blessing of which the fight between husband and wife will end, peace will be established between them and strong love will be established between them forever. It should be remembered that the most important thing for a prosperous life is that the husband and wife should know all the reasons for which there may be hatred and quarrels between them. After that, husband and wife should also know about such prayers through which the fight and hatred of husband and wife can end. If a husband and wife are aware of the things described, then love and prosperity will always remain in their lives, otherwise Satan will always enter their lives and cause them to end their peace, sustenance, and blessings. In this post you will get the real reason for quarrels between husband and wife and special prayers for their resolution, so first understand the reasons for quarrels between husband and wife, After that recite the mentioned duas to get rid of these causes, inshallah your troubles will be gone forever.

Reason for Fight Between Husband and Wife

There can be many reasons for fighting between husband and wife. Among these reasons can be doubt, misunderstanding, the husband not paying his wife’s expenses, the husband not giving importance to his wife, the husband not doing his job, the evil eye, black magic, and evil whispers.

Doubt and Misunderstanding :

Doubt and Misunderstanding

Remember that doubt and misunderstanding between husband and wife a common reasons. However common people do not know the real reason for doubt and misunderstanding. But if we study the hadith, we will know that Satan dislikes the love of husband and wife the most, So he takes every method to end the love of husband and wife. It should be remembered that Satan aims to create eternal distance between his wife and for this purpose, he first resorts to misunderstanding and doubt. Therefore, due to doubt and misunderstanding, there is a fight between husband and wife, and the end of this fight is divorce and this is what Satan wants. Remember that Satan works day and night to achieve his goal and sometimes he succeeds in his goal.

Husband Not Giving Money for Monthly Needs:

Husband Not Giving Money for Monthly Needs:<br />

In most of the houses, when the husband does not pay his wife’s expenses, this causes a fight between husband and wife. It should be remembered that a person who does not do a job or business cannot meet the needs of his family, so when the needs of the family are not met, then there is a serious quarrel between the husband and wife.

Jealousy and the Evil Eye:

Jealousy and the Evil Eye:

It should be remembered that some people do not like the love of husband and wife, so due to their jealousy, the love of husband and wife gets the evil eye, due to which a fight starts between husband and wife. It should be remembered that jealousy and the evil eye can have terrible effects on the life of husband and wife.

Effects of Black Magic:

Effects of Black Magic:<br />

Some enemies cast black magic on someone and ignite the fire of hatred between them, due to which a quarrel starts between husband and wife, which ends in divorce. Black magic is an ancient satanic remedy that has been used since ancient times to create hatred and strife between husband and wife. It should be remembered that behind all the reasons we have told you about quarrels between husband and wife, Satan is behind it in one way or another.
It should be remembered that Satan is not recognized by our intellect, but it exists in reality and it has severe effects on human life.
If you want solid proof of Satan’s existence, So pay attention for a few seconds to think about the thoughts that arise in your mind during the quarrel of the husband and wife. You may feel that there is someone else who is creating negative thoughts about your husband or wife in your mind. Remember that during a marital dispute, each person expresses his anger based on the thoughts that arise in his mind, and through these negative thoughts, the devil is controlling the husband and wife. Therefore, it is important to understand the habit of Satan and it is necessary for a peaceful life. Remember that Satan cannot be eliminated, he can only be removed from your life through Duas and such Quranic Duas you will get in this post.

Dua To Reconcile Between Husband And Wife

4qul and ayatul kursi in arabic<br />

Remember that the reason for fighting and hatred between husband and wife is Satan and we have already told you this. Therefore, if the matter has reached the point of divorce due to a quarrel between husband and wife, in such a case, the hatred and quarrel between husband and wife can be ended with the blessing of 4 Qal. With the blessing of 4 Qal, reconciliation between the husband and wife takes place before 4 days. There are 4 blessed surahs of 4 Qul Qur’an which are in 30 para. Among these surahs are Surah Ikhlas, Surah Kaafrun, Surah Falaq, and Surah Nas, these four blessed surahs are listed above in Arabic.
It should be remembered that 4 Qal is extremely beneficial to eliminate the effects of Satan, the evil eye, and black magic from the life of husband and wife. Therefore, to establish peace, love, and spiritual security between husband and wife, read Surah Ikhlas 100 times after the Fajr prayer, After the Zuhr prayer recites Surah Kaafrun 100 times, after the Asr prayer you recite Surah Falaq 100 times, after the Maghrib prayer you recite Surah Nas 100 times and after the Isha prayer you recite Ayatul Kursi 100 times. Do the described process in the same way for 4 days. Insha Allah, in 4 days you will see the clear blessings of this spiritual process. Ayatul Kursi is listed in the photo above.

Dua to Stop Fighting in House

Lahola Walaquwata Illabillah Hil Aliyil Azeem

It is a normal thing to have quarrels in the house over minor matters, but if there is a quarrel every day in a house, then it is not a normal thing. We have already told you the reason for the quarrel in the house. Therefore, try to understand the habit of Satan and recite the Quranic Duas that Satan fears, So that the devil is away from the house.
Remember that as soon as the devil is away from your house, the atmosphere of peace will be restored in the house. Satan is not recognized by human intellect, but where there is conflict, there is definitely Satan, and the best supplication to ward off the devil is “Lahola Walaquwata Illabillah Hil Aliyil Azeem” Therefore, when a quarrel starts over something in the house, at that time you should recite the Dua “Lahola Walaquwata Illabillah Hil Aliyil Azeem”. You will see that soon the quarrel will end at home. This Dua is listed above in Arabic.

Dua for Good Family Relations

surah falaq and surah nas

Some women have this wish that love, affection, and good relations between their family should always remain. Love and good relations between the family always remain when there is a blessing between them. On the contrary, there is a possibility of hatred, anger, and enmity between families which are not blessed. Blessings are a means of protecting families from Satan. Therefore, due to the observance of prayer, the habit of giving alms, and reciting the Qur’an at home, good blessings come to the home. In addition, by bringing alcohol into the house, torturing the wife, disrespecting the husband, disrespecting the parents, and not performing prayers, the blessings of the house are removed, and Black magic affects the house from which the blessings end. Due to black magic, family members become enemies of each other for trivial reasons. Therefore, to maintain good relations between the family, it is important to protect the family spiritually. While the best prayers for the spiritual protection of the family are Surah Falaq and Surah Nas. Therefore, for the spiritual safety of the family and good relations, you should make a habit of reciting Surah Falaq 3 times and Surah Nas three times daily after the Fajr prayer.

Amulet To Stop Fight Between Husband And Wife

Amulet To Stop Fight Between Husband And Wife<br />

Another successful and easy spiritual process to quickly end marital strife, hatred, misunderstanding, and doubt is the divine amulet. Divine Amulet is the best spiritual protection and due to this the husband and wife are protected from jealousy, the evil eye, black magic, enemies, and evil whispers. It should be remembered that husband and wife who are always protected from the evil eye, jealousy, black magic, enemies, and evil whispers do not have quarrels, hatred, misunderstandings, and suspicions between them.
And there is no shortage of peace, blessings, and money in their lives. Therefore, keep a divine amulet in your home so that the husband and wife and their home will always be in spiritual protection.

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