Dua for High Blood Pressure ?
The speed of blood in the human body is called blood pressure. A normal human’s blood flow should be 120/80. If the blood pressure is more than 120/80 then it is high blood pressure and if it is less then it is low blood pressure. High blood pressure is a silent killer, often causing no symptoms. It can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and other health complications. According to WHO, in 2020, 29% of adults worldwide were suffering from high blood pressure. Of these, 462 million people were suffering from high blood pressure. In 2025, the number of patients with high blood pressure is expected to reach 1.59 billion. Blood pressure is an incurable disease but it can be controlled. Blood pressure affects women more than men. In this post, we will tell you a Quranic dua with the blessing of which you will be able to control blood pressure very quickly. Apart from this, in this post, we will also tell you about the exact causes, symptoms, and disadvantages of high blood pressure.
So if you want to control blood pressure then this post has the right remedy for you.

Dua for High Blood Pressure Arabic

Dua for High Blood Pressure Arabic

Dua for High Blood Pressure

The best dua to control blood pressure is “Salam Qaulam Rabbir Rahim”. This blessed dua immediately manifests its blessings to normalize high blood pressure. Therefore, when your blood pressure is high, in such a case, you should recite many time “Salam Qaulam Rabbir Rahim”. Insha Allah, in some time your blood pressure will start normalizing. By doing this process for a few days, you will start getting relief from blood pressure.
This process is useful for people whose blood pressure is not under control despite taking medicines. Remember that blood pressure can only be controlled, there is no definitive cure for it. But with the blessing of “Salam Qaulam Rabbir Rahim”, you can control blood pressure for a long time.

Quranic Amulet for High Blood Pressure

If a brother or sister is suffering from high blood pressure, then another spiritual act for them is the Divine Amulet. Therefore, you should wear the divine amulet around your neck, God willing, as long as the divine amulet is around your neck, your blood pressure will not be high. Divine Amulet You can get free from our team by feeding 5 poor people. Remember that Divine Amulet is the best spiritual remedy for high blood pressure.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

In spirituality, blood pressure is believed to be caused by evil Eye and negative energy. But since this is irrational, most of the people do not accept it, but it is true.
When a person is suffering from bad and negative energy, then his blood pressure becomes low or high. That is, blood pressure is a sign of negative energy and evil eye in adults. A common person can identify the bad and negative energy through signs. According to medical science, high blood pressure can have the following causes.

  1. People over the age of 30 are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure,
  2. Blood pressure disease can be transmitted from parents to their children.
  3. Obesity predisposes a person to hypertension
  4. Consumption of salt, market food, rice, cold drinks, alcohol, and cigarettes causes high blood pressure.
  5. Diabetes increases blood pressure.
  6. A thyroid disorder can raise blood pressure levels.

It should be remembered that whether the cause of blood pressure is spiritual or external, it must be controlled. So you must contact the doctor. Apart from this, during high blood pressure, you must recite “Salam Qaulam Rabbir Rahim”. So that you can get rid of high blood pressure soon.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Sometimes high blood pressure does not show its symptoms in a patient which can be dangerous. Therefore, a blood pressure patient has to use blood pressure medicine all his life. Common symptoms of high blood pressure can be as follows.

  1. Headache
  2. Dizziness
  3. Breathing fast
  4. Pain in the face, neck or chest
  5. vomit
  6. Unconsciousness

If the described symptoms are present in you, then you should at the same time recite “Salam Qaulam Rabbir Rahim” Apart from this, you should also contact the doctor so that the doctor can normalize your blood pressure by giving you diuretic drugs.

10 Disadvantages Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause serious damage to the patient, So, instead of ignoring high blood pressure, you should contact your doctor and take appropriate medicine. Due to high blood pressure, the patient may face 11 disadvantages in his life.
These losses can be as follows.

  1. High blood pressure can cause kidney failure in the patient
  2. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack
  3. Due to high blood pressure, the patient may get a stroke.
  4. Due to high blood pressure, the patient may develop panic disorder
  5. Due to high blood pressure, the patient may develop diabetes and cholesterol disease.
  6. Due to high blood pressure, the patient may experience depression and anxiety.
  7. Due to high blood pressure, a person may have severe heart palpitations while sleeping.
  8. Due to high blood pressure, the patient’s memory may be impaired.
  9. Due to high blood pressure, the patient’s vision may become weak.
  10. Due to high blood pressure, the patient may suffer from stomach and liver diseases.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you may experience the disadvantages mentioned earlier. Therefore, you should contact your doctor take high blood pressure medicine, and continue this medicine for the rest of your life as per the doctor’s instructions. And along with this, you should keep reading the high blood pressure dua, “Salam Qaulam Rabbir Rahim”, so that your medicine will decrease.

Life Style for High Blood Pressure

Remember that if you have suffered from high blood pressure, this disease will stay with you for the rest of your life. Blood pressure can lead to diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease , So you need to improve your lifestyle. So make the below 11 tips a part of your life so that you can be protected from the harm of high blood pressure.

  1. Avoid market food, cold drinks, and alcohol completely.
  2. Stay away from cigarettes,
  3. Drink at least 5 liters of water daily,
  4. Walk for an hour in the morning and evening.
  5. Get into the habit of sleeping early at night.
  6. Wake up in the morning and make a habit of reciting 10 times Durood and 10 times “Salam Qaulam Rabbir Rahim”
  7. Do not eat foods with too much oil.
  8. Eat more salad.
  9. Do not use salt.
  10. Consume lemon water once a day.
  11. Minimize consumption of sugar, tea, and coffee

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